Different and decorated drinks for the wedding
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Different and decorated drinks for the wedding

Lately Dani has made several versions of Cointreau Fizz, a refreshing drink based on Cointreau orange liqueur, sparkling water and lemon juice. The good thing is that with each version she added a different ingredient, always playing with colors and impeccable decoration. Among blueberries, orange slices and lots of ice to complete, I was inspired to write this post with fun drink ideas for a wedding party ?
When we go to a party, everything that is beautiful jumps out, and the opposite too. So when it comes to drinks, how about leaving the soda cans for the next one? After all, making cool and tasty drinks does not require much effort. Okay, maybe a little bit. But it will be such a fun task that you won’t even want to stop inventing fashion!
Come on: how to transform a normal glass of champagne into a cocktail worthy of a Hollywood party? A simple tip (you will doubt it, but I swear it all has an extra shine) is to decorate the drink with a lavender flower. Take a look:
drinks-for-wedding-ickfd-kathryn-boswellKathryn Boswell
If you like more combinations of aromas, textures and flavors, that is, more malemolence in your glass, with few ingredients it is possible to transform champagne into a good drink. Like that:

Champagne Cocktail: 1 glass of champagne + some taste of angostura + 1 sugar cube

Kir Royale: 1 glass of champagne + 15 ml of cassis cream

Mimosa: 1 glass of champagne + 30 ml of orange juice

French 75: 1 glass of champagne + 45 ml of Gin + juice of 1/2 lemon + 2 teaspoons of sugar

Simple Bellini: 1 glass of champagne + peach puree + raspberry or grenadine puree

I separated here some inspiring photos for you to rock the party. Realize that the special touch is in a decorated toothpick, in a more elongated bowl or even playing with the colors of the drink.
drinks-for-wedding-ickfd-hwtmdrinks-for-weddings-lonestarsandstripes-ickfddrinks-for-wedding-iloveswmag-ickfddrinks-for-wedding-ickfd-buzzfeed2 cointreau fizz orange and tangerine cointreau fizz cha verde phisalys
SONY DSC drinks-for-wedding-ickfd1
With easily accessible ingredients it is possible to add much more color to the drink. Lemon, orange, mint leaves or a little bit of fruit syrup are always good choices. For those who do not usually drink alcohol, there is always the option of setting up a space for juices and iced teas. And the decoration need not be less creative.
drinks-for-wedding-juices-ickfd-lamiavitablog drinks-ideas-for-wedding-ickfd-weddingchicksdrinks-for-wedding-ickfd-buzzfeeddrinks-for-wedding-ickfd-acupofmai
What is your favorite way to decorate your drinks? Comment down here and tell me! Oh, and here you can check out several delicious recipes that serve both for parties and for a relaxing moment at home with friends.
* photos: Buzzfeed / I love Swmag / Hwtm / A cup of mai / Wedding Chicks / La mia vita / Lone stripes and stars / Made by Mary Blogg / Minted / Zsazsa Bellagio.

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