Different lipsticks not only at Carnival
Different lipsticks not only at carnival

Different lipsticks not only at Carnival

Everyone loves a more extravagant and colorful makeup at Carnival, don’t they? Although the blocks and thematic parties are the ideal environments to bet on different makes, nothing prevents you from trying to incorporate more colors and textures into your day to day!
A few years ago, I think the most used makeup in Brazil was the black smoky eye and the nude lipstick; the famous: “I look at everything, I mouth nothing”. Is there anything more boring than that? Today, there are several ways to have fun with different products – and more and more I see brands investing in lipsticks with new finishes and very bold colors!

Photo – Rio ETC

For those who are more basic, open reds, flashy roses and oranges are perfect! These colors have everything to do with summer and with the carnival season. In addition, these shades can be easily used in everyday life! To have a smoother effect, the tip is to pass the product on your fingers and tap the mouth – this way it doesn’t have as much pigmentation ?

Photos – Fashion Bubbles | Getty Images | Ana Lídia Lopes | Galta Chata | The Findings | Steal the Look

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