Different look for unusual tours in Austin

Different look for unusual tours in Austin

Yesterday we started the day at a brunch at YouTube Music Space and ended up having lunch there!
Then we went to see a little more of the Trade Show, which is that fair of new technologies from all over the world. It turned out that the fair was about to end and we didn’t get to see much.
Leaving there we found Jo (@mourajoao) to talk a little. She was going to see a lecture on music on YouTube and we went for a walk in the city. We had a coffee and ate a type of organic reese with 70% wonderful chocolate !! We walked towards SOCO, which is a more modern part and full of cool stores here in Austin.
On the way there was an MTV music festival going on and, as we have the Badge to go everywhere without having to queue, we went in and saw a Anderson Paak show that was really cool. The guy is very good, both his sound and his voice are incredible! It is worth knowing more:

Of course, we stopped at Amy’s Ice Cream to eat one of Austin’s best ice creams. I chose a chocolate with bourbon and sin. I almost got drunk on ice cream kkkk.
Then we went to visit Allens Boots, a huge store with all the most wonderful cowboy boots you will find.
Ahhh, we still passed by the Big Top, a giant candy store that looks like Willy Wonka’s house; D I showed it all on snap- incidentally, if you still don’t follow me and you don’t want to wait until the vlog leaves to see more things from travel, just follow Daniellenoce!
My instas (@nocedanielle and @notanissue) also have several cool pictures about what’s going on here!
I chose a more sober look to spend the day! I loved the marsala midi skirt. She has a slim cut and a well-marked waist made all the difference!
The closed shoe is also very different from what I usually use, right? Even so, I loved this more modern design – I even received some praise from the crowd at the festival!

  1. Get out | Juliana Jabour
  2. Blouse | Ellus
  3. Purse | B.Luxury
  4. Sandal | Melissa
  5. Long Cardigan | Antix
  6. Necklace | Ara Vartanian
  7. Rings | Julia Blini
  8. Glasses | Ralph Lauren

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