Different methods of making ice cream without using a machine

Different methods of making ice cream without using a machine

There is no time for ice cream and the best thing in the world is knowing how to make your own. But when we look for the recipes and everyone asks for the famous ice cream maker… Well. Things get complicated, right? Not everyone has one at home. Even so, we have some tips on how to make delicious ice creams without needing the machine, starting with Fran’s recipes (click here to access), which teach you how to make coffee, basil and cheese ice cream. Their secret is the emulsifier, which makes the dough soft and creamy.
To make these delicious blackberry ice cream sandwiches with a chocolate cookie, Dani prepared everything without the machine, too. The recipe teaches a classic method of making the dough. Click here to check it out.
Different methods of making ice cream without using a machine
Another tip: you know those plastic bags ziploc, where do you keep everything from salads and nuts to creams or money (I don’t know, the business is so versatile)? So, do you believe that in the absence of a blender or mixer you can make ice cream inside them ?! Well, just put any ice cream recipe that has fresh cream ready and very cold inside a ziploc bag. Then just close the package and put it in another one, to avoid splashing ice cream throughout the kitchen when shaking the mixture. Ah, the secret is to get rid of all the air before closing the ziplocs, huh?
Then you put this package inside a larger ziploc together with 4 glasses of ice and 4 tablespoons coarse salt (the salt, in contact with the ice, tends to pull all the water. This is an endothermic process and requires energy to be carried out; this is where the temperature of the ice gets even colder than normal, reaching up to -18 ° ° Ç!). Then, just shake the pack for at least 5 minutes (but in fact it will take about 20 or so, then ask several friends to do it together, so no one gets tired of the arm alone) or until the mixture is with an ice cream texture. Ready! If you want, you can add pieces of chocolate, M & M’s, peanuts or whatever else you prefer.
Different methods of making ice cream without using a machine

Another method, a little more messy, is very similar to that of the ziploc plastic only, which uses a mobile mixer and two small bowls – one larger and one smaller. In the big one, you put a lot of ice with coarse salt and, in the middle, the smaller bowl with the ingredients; then it’s just beat for 10 minutes and then take to the freezer for 45 minutes the way it is, bowl in bowl. Then just beat again until the mixture is creamy and fluffy. Send candy and freeze until your ice cream is firm and delicious!
Some tips on ice cream:

  • To preserve texture, it must be stored between -18ºC and -20ºC. The lower the temperature, the better. Do not open and close the freezer too often, as the more it thaws and freezes again, the more ice crystals will form and your ice cream will have a grainy and not very pleasant texture.
  • When serving, the ideal is that the temperature of the ice cream is between -13ºC and – 10ºC.

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