Different types of niches
Different types of niches

Different types of niches

Niches are simple and practical solutions to decorate and organize the home. There are many variations and you can create very different environments using the pieces!



Photo 1 – Living alone / Photo 2 – Home and Garden

The white or colored lacquer leaves the atmosphere very modern! The niches may or may not have a bottom! They are great options for composing bookshelves, but they also look amazing separately and used as shelves.



Foto 1 – Revista Casa / Foto 2 – UOL

The internal lights in the niches add sophistication to the environment. They bring warmth and are the best options to highlight a specific piece!

do it yourself


Foto 1 – Szpargaly / Foto 2 – Pinterest

One of the best things about the niches is the possibility of adapting them and reusing other materials. I already showed you my house (here) and I have a wall with several boxes. Today, the boxes were painted white – it made the environment lighter. Another suggestion is to use simple wooden niches and place contact paper on the bottom and / or sides.



Photo 1 – Catdylo / Photo 2 – Getty Images

Wooden furniture is super cozy. The neutral tone matches any decor and leaves everything more clean. If you want to add a fun touch, just paint the niches with strong colors on the inside. Another option to make them more modern is to buy hexagonal niches!



Photo 1 – Belyces / Photo 2 – Information

In addition to the classic hexagonal niches, I’m a fan of the round ones! They are cute and make the room more relaxed and cool. If you want, you can create niches with cutouts on the wall itself – the environment is much more modern and unusual!
If you also fell in love with ideas, you have already gone from finding the perfect niche for your home!

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