Different types of sideboard

Different types of sideboard

In addition to being super useful, the sideboards are great decorative elements! Modern, rustic, colorful or neutral they help to compose the decoration of the room.
As I’m a fan of this piece of furniture, I’ll give you some tips on how to make the most of it!



Photo 1 – Arkpad / Photo 2 – Dezign Up

The color brings a more modern touch to the environment. A good tip is to combine with pictures on the wall (I have already taught here), so it draws a lot of attention to the furniture. Add personality with objects and books you love! The result is very pop and cool.


different types of dani-noce-2 appliances

Photo 1 – Shape: Plural / Photo 2 – Planet Deco

Wooden furniture is more vintage. The right drawers make everything more retro (photo 1) and combine with more colorful and printed objects. The more irregular doors and drawers make the furniture cooler, especially when combined with objects with differentiated design, as in the second photo.

Clean clean

different types of dani-noce-3 appliances

Photo 1 – Carpinteiros PT / Photo 2 – Skonanhem

The mixture of sober colors or granite with lacquer is extremely sophisticated. The smooth furniture, without handles and simple design look great in a more clean and elegant environment. To complement, no colorful and extravagant objects; to maintain the style choose neutral vases and beautiful flowers!


different types of appliances-dani-noce-4

Photo 1 – Casa Magazine (Abril) / Photo 2 – Home Stories

The moderns love the mixture of lacquer and wood! In addition to being super cool, you can pour it on with bright colors on the wall and a different lamp! Another option is the stamped furniture. The most beautiful ones usually have graphic patterns and not so extravagant colors.


different types of appliances-dani-noce-5

Photo 1 – Binti Home / Photo 2 – Gazeta Online

For an outdoor environment, a beach house or more rustic decor, demolition or antique wooden sideboards are the best suggestions! The idea here is to create a very natural space with objects that refer to the same theme!

So what’s your favorite?

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