Different ways to use lights at Christmas

Different ways to use lights at Christmas

How about adding a creative and Christmas touch to your supper? The lights give all the charm of the decoration and do not think that they look good only on the trees. I’ll give you several ideas of where to hang your flashers this year:



Picture – Hative

I loved this idea for outdoor areas! Anyone with a balcony can use and abuse the “bars” and glass to hang the indicators. It is even more beautiful if all the decor was more rustic, it gives an incredible contrast!



Picture – Cathy Dudzinsk

How about using the dining room wall to make the supper decoration even more Christmas? I loved this idea, besides being super chic!



Photo – Restoration hardware

Throwing the blinkers around the mirror is also a very sophisticated option – even more than a very romantic and detailed piece. It is charming and the mirror still helps to enlarge the space!



Picture – Currystrumpet

How about betting on a different arrangement? Take well-decorated balls, pick them up and put them in a simple glass vase! The effect is sensational!



Photo – Restoration hardware

This idea reminds me of the Beauty and the Beast vase, hahha! I think this kind of rounded, closed vase is super romantic. The best option is to use very small turn signals, nothing too flashy. Always prefer the most delicate! White and yellow lights are the best!

Different glass boxes


Picture – Urban Outfitters

Has a cooler and more modern decor? The best thing is to buy very different glass boxes and spread the flashers over them. It does not weigh in the decoration and even so it is a charm!
Do you already know where you will put your lights?

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