Different ways to use your scarf

Different ways to use your scarf

Scarves are wild cards when it comes to putting on looks. In addition to being versatile, they are great for completely changing a composition and adding personality when used with more basic pieces.
I have separated 3 suggestions on how to use the wipes in different ways!
In the head
The retro reference is very present. Ties, knots or more loose … Anyway, the scarf steals the show. I like the more printed models, because it creates a really nice contrast with the hair and draws a lot of attention to the face!

Photo 1 – totalbeauty.com / Photo 2 – ireneccloset.com / Photo 3 – charlottelinton.com

In the neck

Short, tied to the belt or rolled up, these are the most traditional ways of using them. In addition to warm, the piece is great to make that basic look more stylish.


Photo 1 – whowhatwear.com / photo 2 – burberry.com / photo 3 – aleygreenblo.tumblr.com

In the bags

Here you can use your imagination! The finish is yours and you can vary the types of ties and knots of your scarves. That way, you can “customize” the piece in a very quick and practical way – just change the scarf and the bag will change!


Foto 1- purseblog.com / Foto 2 – uol.com.br / Foto 3 – wfashionista.com

So, have you decided where and how you will tie yours?

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