Different ways to wear your white shirt

Different ways to wear your white shirt

Everyone knows that a white shirt is a wildcard in the women’s closet. She can compose looks from the most casual to the most formal. It is versatile and practical. If you want to learn new ways to use yours, this post will help you!



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This combo is great for the hottest days and leaves the look more elegant. Instead of opting for a cotton tank top, throw on your white shirt that will look amazing! The options for high waisted shorts with shirts inside are very retro. If you want a good look cool, tie a knot on the hem of the shirt (look 3).



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In the same footprint as the shorts, the jeans are perfect to match! The shirts of nobler fabrics, like silk, look great with the flare models. Already with oversized shapes look amazing with jeans destroyed – if you add high heels, the look is thinner. If you enjoy a more fun and relaxed look, just opt ​​for printed pants and colorful accessories – the linen shirt also makes the composition more fun.



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For colder days, opt for overlap in knitting. The collar and the bar appearing make everything more cute – you can give a new look to your coat and also to your shirt! Here is a tip: if you are short and think that the look will flatten you, roll up the mages a little – skin shows the silhouette.

Look to work


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Going out in the traditional white shirt + black dress pants, I selected more colorful and different looks for the work environment. The printed midi skirt is an incredible option to escape the basics. The very tight striped pants make the look much more relaxed, but still appropriate for the office. If you are still not quite into a colorful look, choose a more sober flare social pants.

Party look


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Who knew that shirt you use to go for a walk on the weekends can get into your party looks? Bet on long skirts or midis of fine fabrics and that’s it! Put the shirt inside and mark the waist – your look will be very elegant with the garment!



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To compose a sexy look, wear and abuse your lace bras! Just leave one button open. Her look runs away from the obvious neckline with short skirt, but still looks very sexy. If you feel uncomfortable or inappropriate, just close the button!



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Accessories completely change the part! The large, colorful necklaces draw attention to the face and look like they were made for white shirts! You can close the collar and put it on top (photos 1 and 2) or leave the shirt ajar and finish off with the accessory (photo 2).
I’m already looking forward to taking my shirts out of the closet and using them in different ways! Is that you?

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