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When Dani invited me to contribute with the vegan / vegetarian part at IKCFD, I was super honored, but I was afraid to commit to this mission, after all, I cook everything by eye, I invent things on the spot… I never managed to create a recipe exact! LOL
At the same time, I thought I could contribute to the page in another way, after all, gastronomy has always been present in my life. Greedy by birth, I was raised in Italy as a child, and I am the daughter of an Italian (imagine you), when I was a little girl I loved toys like a “mini blender” and after all, I dated (and lived with) a gastronomer for 5 years (who probably was who else taught me about gastronomy in life, thank you!).
I like to challenge my palate with different flavors and textures and I appreciate boldness in the ingredients.
I have already eaten beef, pork, rabbit and even horse (!), But at the same time, for personal reasons of conscience, I opted for a diet of restrictions. I have been (and still am) a vegetarian for 9 years throughout my life and I seek to add vegan alternatives to my daily life.
I prefer to say that I am a vegetarian, but with a foot in veganism.
Contrary to what many vegans say about foods of animal origin, such as milk, meat and eggs, I consider them very tasty and, with regard to gastronomy, considerably increase the range of possibilities. Therefore, combining the richness of omnivorous cuisine with an ecological and vegan lifestyle is a task that I consider quite difficult.
An acquaintance once said that vegan is the culinary hacker. I can’t disagree! You need to replace nutrients, know how to cook or know the right restaurants, not to mention that it is a change in the menu that requires a lot of effort.
Here I am, Valentina Piras, as a good paulistana, lover of gastronomy and vegetarian (with a foot in veganism rs), opening today this session at the ICKFD!
I will bring the vegetarian / vegan itinerary of the city of São Paulo (whenever possible, I will bring options in other cities), my reviews about these places, market alternatives to use at home, reviews about these products, etc.
This space is for those who want to try a more ethical / healthy / ecological lifestyle, but even so, to be lick your lips!
My first review is of a snack bar located in Jardim Paulista, in São Paulo. (There are three more units, but today I talk about this one in particular, which is the one I know and attend)
THE City Diner has one of the best fries I’ve ever tasted in my life! Its shape is chips, which makes it quite crunchy, but still soft on the inside. The classic rosemary accompanies and the PLUS is that they serve the portion with some garlic cloves.
The garlic comes with peel, but inside it is super creamy and you can even eat it pure! Remember that garlic is excellent for boosting immunity! ?
potatoes-diner-of-the-city-ickfd-valentina-pirasphotos: disclosure
For vegetarians: The snack bar also serves that mayonnaise “from the house” that comes super spicy and goes very well with the portion of potatoes!
The hamburger:
The snack is called Quitandinha and consists of a black hamburger bun, a slice of tomato, arugula, buffalo mozzarella, pesto and a hamburger dough made from a mix of mushrooms, grilled vegetables and spices.
I really like this hamburger. Eventually he goes crazy, which is kind of boring, but he is very tasty.
There is also a vegetarian option of cheese tostex or white cheese with tomato, which I never ate.
Have you eaten? Liked?
For vegans: just order Quitandinha but without the buffalo mozzarella.
Vegetarians still have very delicious milkshakes. My favorite is the gianduia, which unlike many establishments in Brazil, which leave all sweets excessively sugary, this is sweet in the right measure, without getting bitter or nauseating!
The establishment is beautiful and spacious, but you can still fill up and wait. If you are a “creature of the night”, like me, you will love to know that between Sundays and Thursdays they work until 1 am and Fridays and Saturdays, until 3 am!
The values ​​are values ​​of Jardim Paulista, right? It goes for a special occasion. Quitandinha costs R $ 26, rustic potatoes R $ 17.50, tostex R $ 18 to R $ 19.50 and Milkshake R $ 21.50
Those who want details, just go to the site:
Have you been? What do you think?

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