Discover 5 famous Prague confectioneries

Discover 5 famous Prague confectioneries

After we list some restaurants you need to know when you go to Prague, I imagine you noticed that czech cuisine it’s amazing, right? And the sweets they are not left out there either. Anyone who accompanies me knows that I love a confectionery, so I love to go through several whenever I travel.
In Prague, something very famous are the Dessert. This type of store is like a bakery / confectionery and it has every kind of candy you can imagine. Anyone is dazzled by the shop windows of pies, cakes and treats – that go beyond the trdelník. I guarantee you will find far beyond this cone stuffed in these 5 patisseries from Prague:

Savoy Coffee

Prague Confectioneries

Photo: Café Savoy

THE Savoy Coffee is a very traditional confectionery known for its delicious Czech sweets. There are even those who say the place has the best Vetrnik of the city! This candy is made from a dough called Choux Pastry, the same used to make pumps and profiteroles. And it’s filled with vanilla cream and caramel icing.
Recently, the Savoy Coffee started to also serve options savory, which made the movement of the place increase even more. On weekends, it’s a great recommendation for to brush! Just be careful with schedules, because the space is usually quite full.

Fruit Svetozor

Prague Confectioneries

Photo: @_. C_a_r_o_l_i_n_e._

Who risks the pronunciation this place? ? Jokes aside, this is one of the favorite confectioneries of the residents of Prague. Many tourists visit the Fruit Svetozor, but for czech, the place has a special flavor. As it is very traditional and well known, the store functions as a factory and customers can order takeaway or eat on the spot.
Everything works in a very stream Fast and intense, but it is worth knowing for the authenticity local revenue. And a valuable tip is that this is one of the few stores that open on Sundays ?

Icing rock

Prague Confectioneries

Photo: @ kamiska10

The name of this confectionery is a tribute for the founding chef of the place. THE Mr Skála always wanted to participate in international competitions of confectionery. So he created the Dessert and dedicated himself to always seeking to do the best sweets in town. With this motivation, the place has become a reference when it comes to Czech sweets.
exist two units in Prague and both are always very busy. A visit to this confectionery can yield not only a tasting incredible sweets, as well as beautiful Photos of the desserts. And best of all, you can order to go! They guarantee a packing special, that makes the candy stay whole until you get home.

Cukrarna Mysak

Prague Confectioneries

Photo: Cukrarna Mysak

AN Mysak is a cukrarna with more than 100 years old! Mysak was opened in 1904 and remains to this day same address. THE Project The place is cute and mixes modern decor elements with more vintage ones, just like desserts!
An example is the Coconut cake, a type of coconut cake that revenue is constantly being updated and increased. Nothing more interesting than update classic recipes with modern and innovative versions!

If Cafe

Prague Confectioneries

Photo: @claudia_labenny

THE If Café is a network that has multiple addresses in Prague, so it’s easy to always find a unit close by. In addition to serving savory wonderful, they also have desserts delicious and beautiful.
The most successful dessert there is the Wreath. This candy is very similar to the Vetrnik for being made of Choux Pastry and stuffed with frosting. However, the great difference between these two is that Věneček has a hole in the middle! You can experience the two ways and choose yours favorite.
And for those who want to see a little more of our experience in Prague, just watch this video where we show you what to do for City.

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