Discover 6 Street Food Around the World

Discover 6 Street Food Around the World

Everyone loves good, cheap food. And we love it so much that we often eat in some dubious places and even foods that look strange, but that end up being delicious. I’m lying?
The most incredible thing is that each city has that cheap meal valued not only by the locals, but also by tourists. Thinking about it, I made a selection with the 6 street food tastiest we’ve tasted to date. Has a little of everything: from classic to eccentric?

New York: Hot Dog

Discover 6 Street Food Around the World

Photo: Jay Wennington

To start the list, one of the most traditional meals in NY: the hot dog! The most famous combination there is bread, sausage, chilli and sauerkraut. Depending on the place, another roof offered is a sweet and sour sauce made with pickles, cucumber, mustard and ketchup. What about?
Just like here in Brazil, the coverage varies a lot, so it is worth trying some and from different places. If you want to know a little more about the history of this delight and also find out where to find the best New York hot dogs, just
click here.

St. Petersburg: Blini

Discover 6 Street Food Around the World
Who can imagine the street food in RUSSIA? Believe it or not, but in St. Petersburg one of the networks

fast food most famous sells a type of pancake, called Purchase, with sour cream or red caviar. Yeah, people, caviar.
Of course, this version of caviar does not compare to the expensive ones that we find in sophisticated restaurants, but it is a good one for those who do not intend to spend money just to taste this delicacy. The net
Teremok it even sells other fillings, however the two we mentioned are the best known. So, would you try this dish? I promise it’s delicious!

Bali: meatballs

Discover 6 Street Food Around the World
Recently Paulo and I went to

Bali and we tasted some very curious foods. One of them was the meat-ball, a soup with a type of meatball made with meat and flour. I confess that we thought it was spicy and I ended up eating it without knowing it had meat! So here’s the information for vegetarians and vegans.
Despite the strong spices, the flavor is very tasty and the cost-benefit ratio is great. Throughout the city you can find the dish for less than a dollar!

Mexico City: Tacos

Discover 6 Street Food Around the World

Photo: Abeerden kitchen

Tacos are definitely Mexico’s heritage. And the most incredible thing is the popularity of this dish, which is found anywhere in the world. Although there are some more expensive restaurants that specialize in this wonderland, Mexican tacos are traditionally street food.
Made with a corn tortilla, the fillings are very varied: meat, sausage, chicken, mushrooms … There is something for everyone. When accompanied by a well made guacamole, the taste gets even better. It’s too good of the bill.

Paris: Crepe

Discover 6 Street Food Around the World

Photo: @gilliehouston

In my opinion, Paris has one of the best street foods in the world. After all, who doesn’t love crepe? The thin and tasty plasticine wins the heart of anyone, especially when it comes with a well-seasoned filling.
Around town, savory crepes are sold as savory crepes, prepared with a type of flour known as galette. And anyone who wants to try a good crepe EVEN can not miss going on Red Children’s Market and look for the sale of Chef Alain Miam Miam. It is quite an experience.

Sao Paulo: Pastel

Discover 6 Street Food Around the World

Photo: Top Buzz

I believe that we find pastel in various regions of Brazil, but the pastel of São Paulo fair has a special place in my heart. Crunchy, tasty and with a variety of incredible flavors. It’s paradise, I swear!
I, for example, love the cheese with endive. For those who prefer sweets, I recommend ordering the banana pastry – which usually still comes with sugar and cinnamon. Just imagining my mouth water. I guarantee that it is very difficult to find pastries as good as those sold here.
Which of these street foods do you find most appetizing? Wouldn’t I know how to choose?

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