Discover the 4 types of APPLE most consumed in Brazil!

Discover the 4 types of APPLE most consumed in Brazil!

Small, practical, compact and tasty! Is it or is it not the perfect snack? The apple is one of the most consumed fruits in Brazil, and all this success is not for nothing. In addition to being refreshing and easy to carry, the fruit is full of nutrients, vitamins and several other benefits.
To give you an idea, there is an English proverb that says “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”- in Portuguese,“ an apple a day keeps the doctor away ”. Of course, maintaining routine appointments is always important, but the saying suggests exactly how beneficial the apple is to our health.
Rich in vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus, fiber and with a strong antioxidant action, the fruit helps control cholesterol levels, protects the nervous system and even helps prevent the onset of diseases such as asthma and cancer. Who imagined all this?
Here in Brazil, the apple is found in
four main varieties, although there are at least seven thousand variations in the world! Today, we are going to talk about the most common types here in our country. And, taking advantage of the moment, how about preparing delicious sweets with fruit if you have a stock of it at home?


Discover the 4 types of APPLE most consumed in Brazil!

Photo: Anna Kaminova

The gala apple is the most consumed by Brazilians! With a reddish rind, few yellow spots and soft pulp, it is one of the sweetest varieties and has a slight touch of acidity. Like most apple varieties, it has powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, so take advantage of the fruit’s full potential. Your body thanks ?
Its texture and flavor are welcome not only in sweet dishes, but also delicious Apple pie, but also in salads – bringing an element of surprise to the leaf mix. And, of course, it is also the ideal snack for people who love to taste fruit as a breakfast or afternoon snack.


Discover the 4 types of APPLE most consumed in Brazil!

Photo: Sara Cervera

You probably have already seen a red apple, a little bigger than the others and with a super shiny skin on the market or at the fair. This is the classic Argentine apple, also called red delicious. Unlike the gala, which has a firmer pulp, this one is more floury and smooth, with less sugar concentration.
Precisely because it has the mildest flavor, this type of apple usually accompanies salads or meats, being roasted in the oven with other ingredients and spices. The skin is usually slightly bitter, so the pulp always ends up being the most used part of this apple.


Discover the 4 types of APPLE most consumed in Brazil!

Photo: Anna Stampfli

As suggested by the name, the Fuji apple is originally from Japan, but it is one of the most common ones here in Brazil! In addition to being one of the least caloric, it differs in that it has a light red bark with a yellowish background, leaving it bicolor. Similar to the gala, it is very sweet and juicy, with low acidity.
This variety, although larger and with a tasty peel, has less fiber. However, it is one of the best options for those looking for fruits with antioxidant action. And, as it is very sweet, pies and very juicy fillings are perfect with the fuji. The classic love Apple, so traditional candy from the June festivities, it is also delicious with this type of fruit ❤️


apple types

Photo: Drahomír Posteby-Mach

The green apple is unmistakable. After all, as its name says, it is green. That is, the opposite of what we imagine when we think of the fruit, since we associate it with red color. Unlike all her sisters, this one is little sweet and more acidic – even slightly sour.
Due to these unique characteristics, the variety is usually part of savory dishes, from salads to roasts. But, it also enters the candy menu with the classic American Apple Pie! As the filling takes a lot of sugar and spices, the acidity of the green apple is essential for the balance of the dessert.
Which of these apple types is your favorite? Each one has its particularity, but it cannot be denied that they are all delicious! Comment here the one that is not left out of your shopping list ?

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