Discover the best gelaterias in Rome

Discover the best gelaterias in Rome

You are tired of knowing how much I love ice cream, right? This is the perfect dessert for those who enjoy iced and fresh sweets – especially on hot days. Soon, Paulo and I will embark for Rome and we are super excited to take the famous Italian gelato.
The city is full of traditional gelaterias and also newer ones that are constantly in search of the best flavors. Most of the time, people usually ask for the creamy dough served in the cone, but cups and popsicles are also welcome there. So that you don’t make the mistake of going to Rome and back without having tasted at least one gelato, I made this list with some of the best places to experience this wonder!


Discover the best gelaterias in Rome

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Giolitti is one of the most traditional gelaterias in Rome, opened in 1900! For this reason, it is also one of the most crowded. If you want to eat the soft and creamy ice cream from this place, it is very likely that you will have to wait a bit to be served.
The waiting time is very worthwhile, mainly because of the huge variety of flavors. You can experiment before making your final choice, so it’s a great way to taste something that really pleases your palate. Those who like fruit ice creams must try the blueberry and coconut ones, they are delicious!


Discover the best gelaterias in Rome

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Another favorite of city residents and tourists is Fatamorgana. All gelatos are super creamy and the recipes use natural products. The mint, for example, is made with the plant’s own leaves. I even taught you a recipe of this flavor, remember? To see just click here.
All the flavors available in the two Fatamorgana units are super creative. Many of them you will hardly find anywhere else. Among the most authentic options are beer gelato and gorgonzola cheese.

San Crispino Ice Cream

Discover the best gelaterias in Rome

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One of the most interesting things about Gelato di San Crispino is that many of the flavors are made with seasonal fruits. That is, depending on the season you are going to find different types of gelato. In addition, constantly innovating the store’s options also shows that they use fresh, natural ingredients.
Another advantage of this gelateria is that its two units are close to tourist attractions – one close to the Pantheon and the other to the Trevi Fountain. If you’re around, be sure to stop by. If you want to risk some eccentric flavor, I recommend the whiskey and licorice!

Like milk

Discover the best gelaterias in Rome

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For being a small and very discreet gelateria, Come iI Latte goes unnoticed by many people. Like Il Gelato di San Crispino, they work with fruits and seasonal ingredients, as well as using fresh milk in all pasta.
Everything is done by hand and the owner of the place, Nicoletta Chiacchiari, does not use any type of hydrogenated fat, preservatives and other types of additives. The flavors I most want to try are salted caramel, coffee and mascarpone with Gentilini biscuit, very typical in Italy.


Discover the best gelaterias in Rome

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With a super creamy and full of flavor, the Frigidarium gelato has won over the hearts of tourists and Italians. The most classic flavors are the most requested there, such as pistachio. In addition to traditional gelatos, they also sell more daring ones, such as mascarpone with pears.
Oh, you can complement your gelato with a delicious icing of milk chocolate or white chocolate. As a bonus, there is a cookie adorning the top of the cone or pot. Just imagining it made my mouth water.


Discover the best gelaterias in Rome

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The name of this gelateria already suggests something creative – Otaleg is gelato written in reverse! The originality of the name is also reflected in the varied flavors of the place. The most famous among customers is the zabaione with marsala – a typical Italian dessert, but served differently from the traditional one.
Most of the flavors of gelatos in this place are very bold and many of them are made with cheese. Some take pecorino romano and pecorino sardo – cheeses characteristic of the region. Whoever is looking for a perfect Italian gelato cannot leave Otaleg out of the script.

Milk Snow

Discover the best gelaterias in Rome

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The differential of Neve di Latte is the production of gelatos made entirely with organic products. For people who prefer something with a lower calorie content, ice cream from this place is the perfect option. Fruit flavors are the best sellers, such as raspberry with blackberry and blueberry.
Their recipe makes the dough very soft and concentrates all the taste of the ingredients, that is, it is a healthier and super tasty product. One of the units in this gelateria is close to Maxxi, so if you are there, take the opportunity to have a delicious gelato at Nede di Latte.

Theater Ice Cream

Discover the best gelaterias in Rome

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Gelateria del Teatro is one of the best known in the city and the favorite of many people. All the ingredients are of the highest quality and their cones are just incredible. It is a great place to sit at the outdoor tables and enjoy the taste of gelato without haste.
The decoration of the gelateria is very simple, but it is still a charm. Ah, the three units of the gelateria are close to tourist spots. They have no excuse to let go of any of them, right? To check the correct addresses just take a look at the site.
How much good in one place, right? I already realized that it will take me a while to choose the locations on our itinerary because they are all wonderful! I always like to know your opinions, so be sure to comment here if you know other cool gelaterias there ?

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