Discreetly dividing environments

Discreetly dividing environments

Are you one of those people who love integrated environments? Welcome to the team! There is nothing more pleasant for those who cook than to continue talking to the crowd in the living room and not isolate yourself in a room, right?
Although I love integration, I also love to see things in their proper place. Researching some references, I discovered a super simple way to keep spaces without walls and panels, but still “divide” the rooms: change the floor!

Picture – Demotivateur

At first you may be surprised, but I guarantee that the effect is incredible! There are several ways to make this mix and I will share three of the ones that most enchanted me with you ?

Irregular division


Photos – UOL and Archiproducts

Do you know when one coating mixes with the other in a more organic way? So, I love it and I think the decor is much more stripped down and modern – especially when the two coverings are very different from each other.
For those who enjoy this style, I think it is worth betting on a floor of geometric shape, but that escapes the classic square. Hexagonal shapes, for example, have everything!

Perfect division


Photos – Casinha Colorida, Lovin ‘Blog and Living at Home

Did you think that classic divisions wouldn’t work? Of course they look great! The hydraulic tiles with wood look amazing and give that cozy home face, don’t you think? For those who prefer more classic coatings, it is worth betting on burnt cement or more traditional laminates.
Want a tip to make your decor look younger? Notice in the second photo that the floor “invades” the footer. I loved you and you?

Delimited corridors


Photos – Decor Fácil, Royal Roulotte, Blog Findings of Decoration and Homify Brasil

Okay, this idea is not good for sharing rooms, but it certainly brings charm to a cleaner kitchen. I love these corridors that accompany the entire counter, because they end up delimiting the space and creating a more unusual decoration?

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