DIY: Christmas Decoration

DIY: Christmas Decoration

I think you guys already realized how much I love this time of year! Of course, it is wonderful to enter the stores and buy all those incredible ornaments and assemble the most beautiful decoration. But it is obvious that the money would not even give for everything we want. I found a way to find Christmas ornaments that can be made or customized at home!
They are as beautiful as the ones in the stores, and more, it has all our special touch!

Differentiated trees


Foto 1 – This Heart Of Mine Blog / Foto 2 – Pinterest / Foto 3 – Domestically Speaking

The mini trees are incredible to leave the house in this Christmas atmosphere. I was dying to test the frame of the first photo, I thought it was great. A wooden board, green string and thumbtacks form this charming picture!
Fabric, lace and even felt trees are great for decorating shelves and tables. The third photo has miniatures made with comics of different sizes and colors of felt. Just stick well, tie a string and hang it wherever you want!

Pine Cones


Photo 1 – Formosa Casa / Photo 2 – A Little Love Liness / Photo 3 – The Sweetet Occasion

Pine cones are also everywhere! You can use them in the natural, paint them white (spray paint) or even apply a layer of glue and a lot of glitter. The shape you are going to use is also super versatile. You can copy this beautiful garland, make a very charming candle holder or hang over the fireplace!



Photo 1 – Art of Making Crafts / Photo 2 – DIY and Mag / Photo 3 – Decoration Facilisimo

Of course the balls would not be left out! Forget the ready and expensive ones. Opt for very simple models to cover with fabric, lace, glittler and spray paint. Another incredible tip is to buy big balls and place air plants (photo 2). I guarantee that the decor will surprise you!



Photo 1 – Remodelist / Photo 2 – Finds Dali and Daqui / Photo 3 – Petit Ninos

The stars may be my favorite items! It’s all so beautiful, shiny and cute! If you are skilled at folding, there are thousands of tutorials that help you make those stars. The newspaper one is very cute, but you can do it with the material you like best!
Now if you have less skill, how about using a mold and cutting several stars in the cardboard? The coolest thing is that you can paint and hang it the way you like it the most!

Ring the bell


Photo 1 – The Happier Home Maker / Photo 2 – Open Tip / Photo 3 – Curbly

The bells are classic! You can go to your tree, garland and even “remembrance” of that Christmas! I loved the ball of bells to stay on the tree and I confess that I had never thought of giving a souvenir at Christmas. Who knows, I try this year?
See how simple, cheap and beautiful it is?

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