DIY – Exciting book sideboards!

DIY - Exciting book sideboards!

Hello, how are you?
Here is Lelê Gianetti from the blog It Yourself bringing another DIY post that is just cute!
If, like me, you also have a nerdy side of being and love books with all your heart, without a doubt the sideboards also catch your attention. Book shelves, by themselves, are already very charming. When they are associated with stylish book dressers, what is good can become even better.
And do you know what I found out? These pieces can be very expensive when bought in decoration stores and the like. So I decided to make this post with simple and easy ideas that will make your books and any room in your home even more beautiful and with a lot of personality.
1. Metallic Rocks
This is a beautiful and super feminine idea. In fact, it’s funny how an idea made with stones can be so delicate!
The tip here is to choose the color and finish (texture) that best matches your environment and taste.
metal-stone-bookcase-sideboard-designsponge-ickfdPhoto: Design Sponge – top: Refinery 29
You will need:

  • Decoration stones (or one of your own)
  • Metallic paint spray

diy-bookcase-lele-gianettiEditing: Lelê Gianetti. The complete tutorials of these ideas can be found here and here.
2. Toys Everywhere
Without a doubt, this idea won me over from the moment I saw it for the first time! How can something so simple look and feel so amazing?
Can you believe that bookcases like these are made from toys or even bottles of juice for children?
You will need:

  • Plastic or rubber toys (or any decorative object of your choice)
  • Metallic paint spray
  • hot glue
  • Pieces of wood for the base and support

diy-bookcase-lele-gianetti-ickfdYou can find the complete tutorial here and here.
In addition to these 2 suggestions I gave, there are still several other beautiful ideas that we can take advantage of. Look that: 3bp blogspot, love grows wild, lovely indeed
Guys, one is cuter than the other, right ?! And the best, they are super simple and cheap to make!
But of course, the fundamental detail in the DIY projects that I post here is that they must be versatile, a factor that I consider essential for each one of us to have the freedom to create and adapt the projects according to his personality. !
Loves, I hope you enjoyed the post and write me if you have any questions or suggestions.
And don’t forget to follow me on my blog and social networks, so we are closer together too. If you do this DIY and take pictures, post it with the hashtag #LeleGianettiDIY so I can see it.
Lelê Gianetti

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