DIY – Frames with decorative stones

DIY - Frames with decorative stones

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Hello, how are you?
This is Lelê Gianetti from It Yourself with another amazing DIY!
You know that antique picture frame or that mirror kind of old that has lost its charm? So, did you know that in a simple way and in very few steps we can turn them into decorative objects modern and current?
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Yes, that’s right! Today’s DIY project is very easy and does not require many materials or manual skills, exactly the way we love it! #yay
So, come with me and learn to totally transform anything that has frame (picture frames, mirrors, frames and the like) using only the materials below:

  • Decor object of your choice
  • Multipurpose glue type E600
  • Decorative stones of your preference

Source: Design Love Fest
Detail: That’s it, there was no item missing! Don’t think I forgot the rest of the list of materials! ?

  1. Prepare your “frame” by removing the glass, plastic or mirror part. Then, make sure the surface is clean and dry.
  2. The easiest way to not get in the way is to work with the glue in parts. In other words, apply the glue (with the tube applicator itself) to a part of the frame, paste the stones in that portion and do it successively. This way, we avoid wasting glue or that any part is dry and interfere with the quality / durability of our piece.
  3. Finalize the bonding, ensuring the finish. Make sure there are no gaps or missing pieces of pebbles.
  4. Wait for the glue to dry completely. Tip: Ideally, follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Source: Design Love Fest
Ready! Reassemble all parts of your piece and just display your DIY in the environment you choose! The cool thing is that we can do decorative mirrors or even give another “air” to a frame.
I particularly, find the idea of ​​this tutorial incredible. For example, we can make decorative comics with phrases we love and that have to do with our personality! It is expressive, super cool and charming!
But of course, you already know that versatility is a fundamental ingredient for me. Therefore, use your creativity and make one DIY that has your face.
Use stones that please you, regardless of whether they are colored, rustic or more delicate. Mix the colors and so on … The possibilities are endless!
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Loves, I hope you liked the post. Write to me if you have any questions or suggestions. Just mark the hashtag #LeleGianettiDIY on Face so I can see.
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Lelê Gianetti

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