DIY – Golden Mugs

DIY - Golden Mugs

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Hello loves, how are you?
Here is Lelê Gianetti from the blog It Yourself bringing another post from DIY for you! This time, I separated a theme that is super easy and beautiful! ?
Details always make a difference when it comes to decoration, Is not it?! And one thing I love is when we can use simple things from day-to-day to leave our home, and in particular the kitchen, more special, full of charm and personality.
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This DIY is one of the simplest projects I’ve ever posted! It is super easy and the result, besides looking beautiful, totally changes crockery that are basic. It’s impressive!
The idea is as follows: take white crockery and turn them into incredible and mega cool pieces! Want to know how to do it?

  • White cups (I opted for cups, but the idea is the same for other types of crockery)
  • Scotch tape
  • Aluminum paper
  • Matte gold spray

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Check out the images below and see how super easy this project really is!
Start by making sure the cups are dry and clean, free of dust. This can impair the fixation of the ink.


  1. Mark the cup with the adhesive tape, leaving “free” the space you want to be golden.
  2. After protecting with adhesive tape, cover the inner portion of the cup with aluminum foil to avoid splashing or staining the inside.
  3. Apply the golden matte spray to the surface of the cup. Remember to keep the can at a reasonable distance during application. Tip: Usually, the ink manufacturer indicates this in the instructions.
  4. After applying the spray, wait for about 5 minutes and remove the adhesive tapes. This is an important step, because if you keep the adhesive tapes for a long time it can cause some blurred part.
  5. Wait for the drying time recommended by the manufacturer and that’s it!

Source: – Poppy Talk
With a little creativity, the ideas are countless. I separated some inspirations this kind of DIY! It’s one cuter than the other!
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Loves, I hope you liked the post. If you do this DIY and take pictures or have any questions, tag me with the hashtag #LeleGianettiDIY so that I can see.
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