DIY in the kitchen

DIY in the kitchen

Are you also one of those who loves to do something different at home? Well, you know how I love to leave the kitchen with personality and nothing better for that than some “do it yourself” projects. I selected 4 of them for you to get inspired and try at home!



Photo – Bambula Blogi

Wire or a ready-made triangle can be super useful when organizing your dish towels. The stand is super charming and minimalist, perfect for a clean decor. Use a copper or gold spray paint to make the piece even more sophisticated.



Photo – Jay Bobo

Who knew the iPad would stop in the kitchen? Well, many people use the device at the time of the recipe, but it is not practical to hold in hand. The board has everything to do with the kitchen decor and becomes the ideal support. For those who are more traditional, how about using the idea to put a cookbook?



Picture – Rock’n Tech

Wooden crates are always great solutions. For a more rustic kitchen it is perfect, you don’t even need to paint. Those who enjoy more basic pieces, just paint in white or some neutral tone!



Photo – The Paper Mama

Stamps are amazing for customizing the wall (or a basic wallpaper). You can use some ready-made ones or create your own. Fruits are always cute options for the environment. I really like these bright colors like yellow and orange, very tropical!
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