DIY: Key holder

Key holder

I don’t know about you, but as a good Virgo I love to organize my things – especially when it comes to important objects in my daily life. I am absolutely sure that you all know a person who never finds the key when leaving the house. To solve this problem, how about making your own key holder?

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I already have a support on the wall here at home, but I know that a lot of people don’t have it yet. In addition to being super easy to find cheap models in decoration and construction stores, you can make a piece with your face ? I selected three beautiful little projects from Do it yourself (Do it yourself) for you to test now!


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Is there a simpler idea than that? The complete tutorial in English is on the caption link, but what you will need is a piece of wood, a drill, drills, hooks, a string and a small pin. The size of the drills will depend on the hooks, so I think it is better to be at your discretion.
The effect is very beautiful and combines with a clean decoration. I believe this is one of the simplest tutorials I have ever found and I found it funny ?


diy-support-for-keys-ideas-danielle-noce-3 Photos – Lolly Jane

Anyone who enjoys a cuter and more delicate decor will love this idea! In addition to being a functional piece for organization, it also becomes a decorative element. Of course, depending on the paint you choose, the support can be more or less flashy, but even so you will not lose the charm with this little plant!

Old fashion

diy-support-for-keys-ideas-danielle-noce-4 Photo – Remodelist

I love decorations with a retro feel; they are charming and different from what we usually see out there. The “hotel” style stand is wonderful and is sure to be perfect for a large family. The cool thing is that you can take advantage of this style of piece to make your life even easier: instead of the guests’ names on the dashboard, why not put “car key”, “house key”? It will be amazing!

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