DIY Lip Balm – make your own lip balm!

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Hello, loves,
This is Lelê Gianetti from It Yourself once again. Today’s “do it yourself” is perfect for taking care of yourself in colder seasons of the year, in addition to being practical and very useful: those who do not suffer dry lips in this colder weather? So, in today’s DIY I’m going to teach you how to make a Lip balm, those moisturizers (or lip balms) that normally take care of our lips and have a wonderful smell.
diy-lip-balm-lip-protector-indexdigital-ickfdSource: Index Digital – cover photo: A Beautiful Mess
But before I show you the step by step, I will leave you a very important tip: even if you don’t have your lips (so) dry, know that leaving the mucosa of hydrated mouth it’s super important, both in terms of appearance and thinking about the healthy side of it. A well-kept lip is essential for any lipstick to look wonderful.
I swear, you will be impressed with how easy it is to prepare something so good and effective. First because only two ingredients are needed and second because the main one, the coconut oil, has medicinal properties anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antioxidants and moisturizers.
Come on, loves?
diy-lip-balm-lip balm-lelegianetti-ickfdSource: Lelê Gianetti
For the base of your lip balm you will basically need:

  • COCONUT OIL (20 grams)
  • ESSENTIAL OILS of your choice (4 drops)

For this recipe, I opted for citrus essential oils of lemon and grapefruit, but you can use whatever you prefer.
diy-lip-balm-lip balm-abeautifulmess-ickfdSource: A Beautiful Mess

  1. Melt the coconut oil in a double boiler and add the drops of the essential oils. Remember to keep the ratio of 20 grams of coconut oil to 4 drops of the essential oil.
  2. After mixing, you can store it in empty jars. A good suggestion is to keep jars of those mini jellies or buy specific glass or metal jars, which are usually sold in craft stores.

This is the basic recipe … Ridiculously easy, right ?! A really cool thing is that, in addition to lip balm, it can also be used as cuticle moisturizer.
diy-lip-balm-lip-protector-abeautifulmess-ickfd2Source: A Beautiful Mess
But don’t stop here. You may have already realized that, with me, DIY has to be versatile!
So here are some variations of lip balm that are also very interesting. Choose the one you like best and get to work.
diy-lip-balm-lip balm-cocoa-butter-maltrafoods-ickfdSource: Maltra Foods
Replace part of the coconut oil with a little 3/2 cocoa butter, respectively.
Cocoa butter is moisturizing, emollient and rich in polyphenols (natural pigments with antioxidant action).
diy-lip-balm-lip balm-oil-tea-tree-perfctimagellc-ickfdSource: Perfctimagellc
Replace essential oils with tea tree oil in the same proportion (4 drops).
This change will add a super antibacterial action to your lip balm.
diy-lip-balm-lip balm-essential-oil-mint-jujuaroma-ickfdSource: Juju Aroma
Want a refreshing action on your lip moisturizer? Use mint essential oil.
almond oilSource: Kusala Life
If you want even more hydration, add a few drops of almond oil to the base recipe. It has emollient, soothing, moisturizing and anti-inflammatory action.
beekeeper's still lifeSource: Nature Said
For a complete balm, use beeswax in the same proportion as coconut oil and add a few drops of honey.
Beeswax has an emollient, anti-inflammatory and anti-bactericidal action.
To add color to your lip balm, add a few drops of pure beet juice to the base recipe.
The fixation is great and looks charming if you like colored lips.
Very easy, right ?! And best of all: you will have an excellent product and yet free of parabens, lead, paraffins, mineral oils and many other (awful) chemical additives!
Did you like today’s tips? Hope so! If you have any questions, be sure to let me know.

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