DIY Wool Pompom Rug – Learn Step by Step

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Hello my loves,
Here again is Lelê Gianetti, from the It Yourself blog, and today she brought a “do it yourself” that is pure cuteness: a rug made with wool pompoms!
After all, who doesn’t love an incredible DIY that is the face of the coldest seasons of the year?
The basis of this DIY is very versatile and my suggestion is just one of the ideas of what we can do with wool pompoms.
This trend has been very high and, for a while now, has returned stronger than ever, both in the world of fashion and in decoration. I’ve even done 2 other posts talking about the trend on my blog (see here and here), but with a different approach.
In addition to being super easy to make, wool pompoms are a lot of fun and make any environment much more cozy. We can also use them together with decorative objects to renew the environment.
diy-carpet-pompom-la-sayyes-ickfdSource: Say Yes
As versatility is everything, one of the advantages of this DIY is that we can make the most varied pompoms Colors and Sizes, leaving your piece with unique and very personal characteristics. Today I’m going to teach you how to make a rug, but the formula is the same for any other object that takes pompoms, okay?
The best thing is that, whatever you choose to do, it’s all very simple. You will only need scissors and wool (colors are your preference).
From now on, you just have to choose which shape you will use to make the pompom. That is, you can use two rolls of toilet paper, your own fingers or molds ready for pompoms.
For the rug, you will use pompoms and another tapestry canvas that I already show here.
See the step by step:
1. Separate all materials.
rediy-carpet-pompom-de-la-lele-gianetti-say-yes01Source: SAY YES
2. Take the rolls of toilet paper, snap your fingers together and start to wrap the wool around both rolls.
3. Continue to roll until this size (more or less the same appears in the photo) or, if you prefer, make it a little bigger. The sizes of the pompoms will be different from each other, which is not a problem.

4. Cut the wool and start to roll it lengthwise. That is, between the two rolls of paper.
5. Tie a knot and remove the wool from the rollers.
6. Finish tying the pompom. Tighten it well and don’t cut the ends, as you’ll still need them as a tapestry base in the future.
7. Cut around the wool.
8. Make several pompoms of various colors with the palette of your choice. Each pompom takes about 5 minutes to make.
9. With the pompoms ready, choose the design you want and mount it on the tapestry. Tie and tie the knots with the ends you reserved earlier.
10. If there are any pompoms left, you can use them for other projects.
This rug had a more childish face, but the idea is for various other environments, such as offices, halls, bedrooms and so on … Just use your imagination.
For you to better visualize what I’m talking about, I separated some more inspirations, one more cute than the other! Look at that:
diy-pompom-la-ginamichele-ickfdSource: Gina Michele
diy-pompom-la-brightgreys-ickfdSource: Bright Grays
It’s amazing what we can do with wool and scissors, right ?! This DIY is the face of winter.
I hope you enjoyed the post and, if you have any questions, just leave it here in the comments.
Lelê Gianetti

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