Do Somersaults With Avocado Water Really Lose Pounds?

Do Somersaults With Avocado Water Really Lose Pounds?

Avocado water has established itself as a trend in terms of healthy and conscious nutrition. After all, it is considered a secret weapon for weight loss. But is that also true?

A good ten years ago, the avocado was hardly noticed on the vegetable shelf, but there is now a real hype raging around it – und that also in its liquid form. Many people consider avocado water to be a real miracle weapon to help them lose weight successfully and healthily. The nutritionist Andra Schmidt explains how this should work on the website “”.

Speaking of losing weight: Green tea is also an effective remedy for pounds. You can see how it helps in the following video …

Lose weight :: This is how green tea helps against the love handles

Avocado – a real superfood

First of all, the avocado is a particularly valuable food in its unprocessed form. It contains a lot of vitamins C, E and K and the proportion of potassium and magnesium is very high. Avocado is healthy for the skin and our brain also loves the fatty pulp. Speaking of fat: Avocados are also particularly rich in unsaturated fatty acids. They boost fat burning and satiate very well, so they also help a diet to be successful. This can be particularly interesting if you use the liquid form – the avocado water.

If you want to lose weight effectively, you should get enough exercise. And preferably before breakfast.


Female swimmer

Do you want to lose weight?
Why you should go swimming before breakfast

Swimming is one of the most effective workouts. And if you want to lose weight, it is best to jump into the water before breakfast.

More like a smoothie than water, but super tasty

By the way, the term avocado water doesn’t quite fit it, because the finished drink is more like a smoothie or milkshake in its creamy consistency. But how does the “magic potion” succeed? In fact, there are numerous recipes. There is something for every taste. A particularly popular and delicious recipe is that of the New York top chef Daniela Sotto-Innes (29), which “” publishes as follows.

You need:

  • a peeled avocado
  • five tablespoons of lime or lemon juice
  • three tablespoons of cane sugar or honey
  • a good pinch of salt
  • two cups of cold water

Everything is processed into a homogeneous, liquid mass in the household mixer – and that’s it. This smoothie (let’s stick to the more appropriate name) can be diluted with water as desired. But: the more water, the less original the taste.

It’s not just the avocado that can help you lose weight. These vegetables can do it too.


Different legumes

Lose weight
Vegetables with particularly high levels of protein

Proteins help you lose weight because they boost your metabolism. It doesn’t always have to be a steak – many vegetables can also score with valuable proteins.

Avocado water is high in calories but helps burn fat

According to nutritionist Andra Schmidt, avocado water unfolds its full effect as an aid to weight loss as a breakfast substitute. However, you should leave it with the avocado water and not consume any other food, because the smoothie alone ensures a sufficient and long-lasting feeling of satiety. The drink has up to 600 calories, depending on the size of the avocado, because it is so rich in fats – mind you: healthy fats.

According to Schmidt, our daily calorie balance should be covered by about 30 percent from fats. This proportion can be contained in a single serving of avocado water. Lunch and dinner should therefore be low in fat and calories, but higher in protein. Those who pay attention to this should soon be able to look forward to success in losing weight.


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