Do you want to lose weight? Why you should go swimming before breakfast

Do you want to lose weight?  Why you should go swimming before breakfast

Swimming is one of the most effective workouts. And if you want to lose weight, it is best to jump into the water before breakfast.

Anyone who goes swimming regularly is guaranteed to do something good for themselves. Swimming promotes the well-being of body, mind and soul in equal measure. It stimulates the metabolism and muscle building and you can also really switch off and relax. But swimming can do even more, namely a particularly effective aid in losing weight. However, according to the experts on “”, it comes to thatch on the right time.

Swimming is always good – but sometimes even better

Swimming is one of the most original and best forms of physical activity. Pretty much every muscle group in our body benefits from swimming and, thanks to the buoyancy of the water, the joints are spared. You don’t have to go lane by lane in high-performance mode, just a few minutes a day, depending on your individual performance and the time options, have positive effects – even if it is only about reducing stress. But swimming is also considered to be an extremely effective method for losing fat and trying to lose weight – especially when you know the best time.

Before you go swimming, you have to learn to swim. And this is how your children learn best.

Girl with swimming board

to learn how to swim
Swimming: this is the best way for your child to learn!

Summer is just around the corner and it’s time for your child to learn to swim for themselves. Here you can find out which age is best, whether a swimming course is worthwhile or not and which useful swimming aids are available!

Training on an empty stomach goes straight to body fat

E.A British study from the University of Bath from October 2019 supports the following thesis: Any training on an empty stomach, but especially swimming, effectivee more effective at burning fat than on a full stomach. This was clearly shown on the basis of a test group of 30 people. There are two reasons for this: In the fasting state, the metabolism uses the body’s fat reserves directly to cover the energy balance. And when you are fasting, the insulin level is also low – and insulin inhibits fat burning.

VMost fat is burned before breakfast

A.The ideal time to get into the water on an empty stomach is therefore recommended before breakfast. Overnight, the body had largely broken down the nutrients it had supplied the day before, especially carbohydrates. The burning of body fat is most directly stimulated at this point. So doing a few laps or laps before breakfast is a highly effective way to directly reduce body fat and thus weight.

Since this also stimulates the metabolism, according to the researchers, the positive effects would drag on even further into the day. The food consumed afterwards can simply be processed better and faster.

However, if you want to build muscle specifically while swimming, you have to eat accordingly beforehand. Because only with a sufficient supply of carbohydrates, protein and fats can mehr muscle mass can be achieved. But if you want to lose weight above all, the concept of sobriety is best.

It’s not just swimming that helps you lose weight. Correct breathing also makes a difference.



Tips for losing weight
Turbo for Fat Burning: Breathe Better, Lose More Weight!

There are many factors to consider when losing weight. Our expert Sabrina Wolf will explain to you why breathing is one of them.

R.isiko hypoglycaemia

But there were also a few risks and man should be able to accurately assess his own performance on an empty stomach. Because of the low blood sugar level, you may feel unwell, weak, dizzy or have cramps – and this can lead to critical situations in the water.

In extreme cases, according to sports medicine professor Winfried Banzer, it can even lead to Hypoglycemia, i.e. life-threatening hypoglycaemia, you should make sure that you have consumed enough fructose in any case – a juice spritzer, for example, is a good source. A banana before swimming is also recommended, it is also a good source of fructose and the potassium and magnesium it contains protect against cramps.

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