Doceana – Bauru

Doceana - Bauru

Doceana is a traditional Torteria here in Bauru, but I never had the opportunity to go there. After I started writing I Could Kill For Dessert posts, some people sent me directions on where to go and what to eat here in the region, and some people recommended me there! A friend indicated the carolina pie to me to try, and I was very curious, because I hadn’t seen anything like it until then! It is a pie with carolina dough, filled with soooo much cream and covered in chocolate, like a giant carolina! And I LOVED !! It can’t be bad either, right?
Another sweet that we ordered was the lemon pie, because for me it’s kind of the crucial point of a pastry shop, because who doesn’t get it right in a lemon pie also doesn’t get the point in the rest. Because there is always a problem with the dough, or the whipped cream, or the cream that has no taste or is too sour. And I liked it a lot, besides being beautiful as in the photo, it was very good, yes .. pasta on the spot, firm whipped cream, slightly sour cream.
Finally, we ordered a white chocolate cake, which was very good too! The dough was soft, slightly moist (I hate it when it is too dry), topping and fillings (there was a lot) also very tasty! I liked it, but I think that instead of this one I would have ordered another slice of the carolina pie (I fell in love)! The variety of options is stark, I think that of all the places I have been so far, it was the one that had the most candy options, including pies, sweets and cakes available. It’s just that in the photo you can’t see it but there was a freezer inside, filled with options.
They also have savory options, like chicken and heart of palm pie, the latter I had the opportunity to try at my friend’s house and I really liked it, but I still prefer the sweet options! The price was standard when I went, for sweet tarts it was R $ 7.00. The slice is generous in size, it makes it possible for a person to eat peacefully, unless he is greedy like me, or wants to try several options, because it is difficult to choose, eh!
There are two units, one on Rua Rio Branco and the other on Av Nossa Senhora de Fátima, I ended up going to Rio Branco, because it is closer to me, and I found the opening hours better: from 10 am to 10 pm, from Tuesday to Saturday , and 10am.
At 6 pm on Sunday; while in the other, it opens from 8 am to 6 pm from Monday to Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 1 pm. Well, this is my indication to the ICKFD of a place I went to and I really liked it! Doceana is a place that I would come back to, for the quality of the pies, the ease of parking, and the peaceful atmosphere. If you want to take a look at the site, there is the one with the flavors, more information about the place, and they make it to order too!

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