Does a vaccination help? Why you could get the flu twice this year

Does a vaccination help?  Why you could get the flu twice this year

In the winter months we not only expect snow, but also the flu. Once this is over, there won’t be a second one anytime soon. But that’s not entirely true this year. You can find out why this is so and why a vaccination against the second flu doesn’t protect you here either.

Anyone who has already caught the flu this winter is sure to have the hope that the evil of fever, cough, limb pain or headache will be over for this season. That is most likely not the case this year. Because as if one flu virus wasn’t enough, it could report to your immune system a second time this year.

Double flu season: does a vaccination help?

During the current flu season, which started in October 2019, 13,000 Germans were infected. This is based on current counts by the Robert Koch Institute. Anyone who is already sick with this wave of flu is not safe from a second infection and has not been immune to all influenza viruses for a long time – not even if a protective flu vaccination has been initiated. The reason for this is a double wave of flu that awaits us. This happens when at least two flu viruses overlap, as will be the case this year.

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To put it more simply, this means that the current B-strain influenza viruses will be joined by A-strains from halfway through the current flu season, which runs from around October to May. This increases the likelihood of falling ill twice during the same flu season. According to experts, such a constellation occurs quite rarely.

This is how you can protect yourself from the double flu

In order to avoid the impending flu waves, you can try to avoid becoming infected with simple measures. For example, wash your hands several times a day, ideally always with soap. Reach more fruits and vegetables! These contain plenty of vitamins that act as a protective barrier for your immune system.

You can find more tips on how to protect yourself from the flu and cold here!

If you become aware of infected people in public transport or at work, try to keep enough distance here. Anyone who has already caught the flu should also follow these steps to protect their fellow human beings.

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