DOM is DOM – São Paulo

DOM is DOM - São Paulo

I don’t even know where to start when I have to talk about this restaurant that for me, and certainly for many, is the best in Brazil and under the command of the best chef in Brazil, Alex Atala. DOM was recently considered the 7The best restaurant in the world and certainly deserves that title. Everything at the DOM is impeccable: the service, the best ingredients, the preparation techniques, the wine list, all carefully calculated to serve you well. My favorite dishes for sure are: the fetuccine of palm heart pupunha and prawns, the ribs à Braz and the, unfortunately extinct from the menu, okra, okra, okra, that this one is better than my mother ? (sorry mom, but you understand, right?).
In addition, I am also passionate about the menu served at lunch at DOM, where there could be nothing more Brazilian. You choose between meat, fish or chicken and it comes with a finely chopped Minas Gerais cabbage, fried manioc cubes, farofinha, rice and black or carioca beans. Simple and perfect, like Mom’s good homemade food. Ahhhhh… the dessert .. did you think I forgot? Well, the desserts are a separate chapter, for sure the dessert of my life is the Brazil nut cake, with whiskey ice cream, dark chocolate sauce, curry, fleur de sel and arugula. A combination of flavors that stays in memory forever. Simply perfect. And finally, you order a tea or coffee and they come with wonderful mini-sweets and a Dadinho candy at the end, which, as Alex Atala says, is to get back to reality ? I COULD KILL FOR DOM, and you, too ?
The DOM is located at Rua Barão de Capanema, 549.
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