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All of this happened in an attempt to try a Cronut. I already notice: it didn’t happen =[anywayDominiqueAnsel’sBakeryoffersmuchmorethanjust“Cronut?”-affwhatisthis??It’sNeologismItcomesfromthesumoftwootherwords:croissant+donutThat’srightTheinventionwhichgetsadifferentflavoreverymonthhasbeenthedarlingofthemediahereinNY-MariMorimadeapostaboutCronutsometimeagoSincewhenitcametolifeontheinternetbuzuzuthequeue(ofmorethananhourforsome)hasdoubledtheblockonSpringStinSOHOandoftenendsinfrustration[dequalquerformaaBakerydoDominiqueAnseloferecemuitomaisdoquesimplesmente“Cronut?”–affoqueéisso??ÉNeologismoVemdasomadeoutrasduaspalavras:croissant+donutIssomesmoAinvençãoqueacadamêsganhaumsabordiferentetemsidoaqueridinhadamídiaaquiemNY–aMariMorifezum postsobreCronut háalgumtempoDesdequandoganhouvidanobuzuzudainternetafila(demaisdeumahoraparaalguns)dobraoquarteirãonaSpringStnoSOHOemuitasvezesacabaemfrustração
If anyone is interested, I advise you to arrive before 7:00 am as the production of 200 units daily ends before 9:00 am for those who patiently waited for… Rain or shine.
I waited, but I didn’t take it. I arrived late… I live far from Manhattan and I was not able to arrive very early. Anyway, the trip is not lost, quite the contrary. Bakery offers other fantastically made delights for the delight of those who sigh over a well-made pastry!
Dominique ansel bakery2And even if you don’t intend to consume this Cronut, if you show up there before 9:00 am, unfortunately, you will have to get in line and wait for the service too. So don’t come in a hurry or come a little later.

Bakery is very dynamic. Narrow but functional. With a garden in the back, it is worth buying your coffee and enjoying the deliciousness sitting at a table, under the trees. I had no problem finding a place there.
Dominique ansel bakery3Very close to the exit to the garden, the tight kitchen serves as a showcase for those waiting in line. Dominique’s apprentices and staff delight your eyes with the many beauties they prepare. While I was there, I observed the precision with which one of the employees poured the chocolate glaze over a pie. Beautiful, accurate and perfect. And it was special to find Dominique Ansel himself behind the counter coordinating his team. I think this contact is very nice. Seeing him participate in such a present and accessible way in his own business, despite the celebrity status quo, makes me like and respect his work even more.

Dominique ansel bakery4Dominique Ansel is one of the best Pastry Chefs in the United States today. Born in France, as is traditional there, at 16 he already worked making sweets. He worked as head of the Legendary Fauchon and here, before having his own business, he was Daniel Boulud’s Executive Pastry Chef during the years when his restaurant “Daniel” won, for the first time, 3 Michelin stars (top gastronomy award) . For this reason and much more, having the opportunity to see him while getting to know the flavors and textures of his work is something very special, which must be valued.
Dominique ansel bakery5The pastries options were many and I was in doubt… lol… .but the line is moving fast and there is not much time to be thinking. I ordered a cafe latte and a Paris-NY Breast that was SENSATIONAL. Made with the same batter as the bomb and the profiteroles, the filling is chocolate and the topping, peanut butter with caramel. Heaven on earth …

For lunch, they offer salads, sandwiches and soups. A very limited menu, but apparently full of flavor. I also found the menu change nice with the arrival of the seasons. This means that there is always news in sight.
If you want to know more, the website is
The Bakery is open every day of the week, from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm (on Sundays, from 9:00 am)
It is an excellent place for a delicious breakfast, before exploring the streets of SOHO.
I promise that when I get to try this Cronut, I’ll tell you how it was !! LOL
If you want to see a little more, click here, and watch the video.

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