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Ai ai donuts … I want to talk about you. I even want to make you an Ode, but I lack the rhymes and the elaborate language you deserve (as Antonio Nogueira would write, columnist here at ICKFD). Donuts in the land of Uncle Sam, where I live, is part of the daily lives of others. Everyone eats. Impossible to resist. This “fried and round cake”, with a hole in the middle or not, is the bane of diets. With icing, filling, simply passed on sugar or even the most modern variations like Cronut (croissant and donut together) I say knowingly that it is practically impossible to resist.
donut plant ickfd fer flaiban4Among a multitude of places that sell it, there is a specific store that delights me and will also delight you: the Donut Plant. Opened in 1994, the brand is known as the pioneer in the use of fresh seasonal fruits and oilseeds such as nuts, pistachios, pecans and the like as an ingredient in the glazes of donuts. Reading a little bit of the story, I discovered that the mini donut shop first started out as a supplier of the same to top of the line gourmet markets like Dean & Deluca and Balducci’s. Only in 2000 did he open his first store. And always making the original recipe developed by his grandfather. In 2004 he invented and patented the square doghnut with jam filling and opened the first store in Tokyo. There are currently nine stores spread across Japanese territory.
donut plant ickfd fer flaiban2
donut plant ickfd fer flaiban6
In 2006 he developed the recipe for the famous, delicious and my favorite of all time: three leches!! Seriously, DON’T forget to try it … but advice: if you want to try this delicacy don’t go to the store in the late afternoon because if it is over, it’s over. Carol Araujo, a columnist here at ICKFD came to NY and obviously we went out to eat sweets. And I took her to the Donut Plant, but she was unable to taste the three leches because she was “sold-out”. Oh really. I never ate anything like it: it has a crunchy sugar glaze cone on the outside and it is wet – like three leches cake – on the inside. A spectacleooooooo.
In 2008 he launched the creme brûlée donut… Fantastic idea, but I need to register here that on the day I tasted it, mine had half-burnt caramel. So I didn’t fall in love… But it’s super famous and worth a try.
On the day we met to end the diet, Carol asked for a chocolate donut cake and it was soooo delicious. Fluffy as a chocolate cake inside and covered in chocolate on the outside.
The variety is great. Has the yeast donut that it is the most common, that takes biological yeast in the dough; have the donut cake, that resembles a lot of cake in texture, has the squares filled with jelly, the round ones without holes and with a thousand fillings. And the coolest are the seasonal ones. The season of passion fruit and red walnuts (which is jaw-dropping) is over … now blackberry, poppy seed and Meyer lemon are available.
donut plant ickfd fer flaiban3donut plant ickfd fer flaiban1
I think that soon I will have to go back to the store = … this way, I will never start the diet.
And you, when you’re here, go straight through Dunkin Donuts and take the subway to the Donut Plant. It will be super worth it !!
donut plant ickfd fer flaiban5
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