Double Braids: Hairstyles for Inspiration!

Double Braids: Hairstyles for Inspiration!

Double braids are excellent options for those who want to make a hair different from the ponytail, the messy bun and the usual loose. Varying your hairstyle is a great idea to change your face a little bit from day to day and double braids are super versatile alternatives ?

Double Braids: Hairstyles for Inspiration!

Photo: Refinery 29

When we talk about double braid, almost always comes the famous boxer and all its variations. Although it remains a classic in terms of hairstyle, there are infinite possibilities to leave a double braid with your face.
Half-tied hair, for example, can be much more charming with side braids (one on each side of the head).

Double Braids: Hairstyles for Inspiration!

Photos: Koees via Pinterest and Deep Pearl Flowers Via Byrdie

Who has curly and / or voluminous hair can bet on the two braids on only one side and throw the entire volume to the other. Although they are simple to make, the result is incredible and super modern, right?

Even two braids on the top of the head make the biggest difference: they can become one half bread , a bun or even a very tight tiara close to the forehead.
In fact, this is a good tip for those who are growing their bangs and have those days with the most rebellious hair!

Did you see just how many legal options with the same idea? I’m sure you’ve already been inspired by some of these references, so if you do a hairstyle like this don’t forget to tag me on instagram ?

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