Down with Red Velvet!

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I know, I know, Red Velvet is a fetish in the world of cakes, but I can’t seem to like it, after all, every time I go to take a bite out of a Red velvet, I expect an absurd taste of some wild fruit and then only that vanilla flavor comes! : /
Not that I don’t like vanilla cake, I love a good vanilla cake, even more if it’s made with the seeds of the broad bean, but the thing is that my eyes see that cake completely red and my brain imagines strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries and the like and when I take the first, second and third bites, the flavor does not change… it remains vanilla !! .. because it is vanilla, obviously, but for me it is not enough. So, for my 6 year old wedding cake, I made this blackberry cake, which as you can see in the photo, in addition to the red color, it comes with a PLUS: the blackberry flavor, which is incredible. For me, this is my newest FAKE RED VELVET !!! AND BELOW REAL RED VELVET !!! ?
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PHOTOS: Danielle Noce – IG: icouldkillfordessert

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