DPNY x Tróia Restaurante – Ilhabela

DPNY x Tróia Restaurante - Ilhabela

I always thought of DPNY, in Ilhabela, as a little piece of paradise where I go to really rest and do nothing! You know that kind of hotel that you don’t even have to leave to eat, drink, meet nice people, listen to good music or have fun? Well then, this was the DPNY for me for several other times that I went there… except the last one!
To begin with when we arrived at dawn, the lights in the room did not work. In fact, even worse, no electrical parts worked, including the air conditioning! For those who know Ilhabela, they know that you cannot sleep with the doors open, given the amount of rubber that is there. And they only managed to solve the problem the next day.
But the worst thing for me and what really strikes me is when it touches the point of food … I would like to make it clear, that I always liked Tróia’s food a lot, when chef Renata Raikov commanded the kitchen over there. Unfortunately, this time she had left for a solo flight and the Trojan is being commanded by chef Luiz Fernando Soares Negreiros, however, not with the same competence as chef Renata. Every time, the meat came at the wrong point, the food was completely tasteless and soulless! Not to mention that twice I had to wait up to 40 minutes between the removal of the main course and the arrival of dessert.
Ahhhh … the desserts … no, they are not like Renata’s. I tried more than 10 desserts at Tróia this time: Panna Cotta, Cupuaçu Mousse, Crème Brûlée, Fruit Minestrone, Caramel Mousse, among others… and I have to be honest… the only delicious was the Cupuaçu Mousse, because others like the Panna Cotta, for example, I don’t think he even had a recipe, as I’ve never had a Panna Cotta that hard and heavy in my life.
Anyway, I really think that the owner of DPNY should review his management in relation to the hotel and its restaurant, because such a beautiful and tasty place cannot be abandoned in this way! I really hope they change and go back to what they were!
I made a complaint letter to the manager, unfortunately I didn’t get a reply until the day of this post!
I do not know of another hotel to recommend in Ilhabela for you to stay, but to eat I recommend the lunch time at Redonda Forneria, which is led by former DPNY chef, Renata Raikov. If you want to know more about it just click here!
DPNY and the restaurant Tróia are located at Av. José Pacheco do Nascimento, 7668 – Ilhabela !!
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