Dream of Gastrologists
Dream of gastrologists

Dream of Gastrologists

Working on what we like is undoubtedly a quality of life requirement. Living with pleasure related to the job makes us more productive and consequently we have more progress and recognition in our careers. However, this does not mean that everything is a bed of roses.
People who work with food share some common desires in our routine, things that would improve our lives a lot. Even loving this sensorial universe of colors, textures, aromas, flavors and even sounds, yes, even sounds (bubbling pan, the sound of crunchy preparations being bitten) always ends up missing something, but it is not out of dissatisfaction but because of the search of excellence.
Talking among friends in the area, in some common outbursts of happening at tables while we eat, I have listed here some of our dreams, wishes from the simplest to long-term conquests. We call Dreams of Gastrologists or whoever else has the profession of producing food.
dream of gastrolgos
01: The dream of own kitchen.
Often, at home, we need some time for us, a kitchen where no one will be asking, giving opinions or even touching what we are doing. A place where your ingredients and tools are where you put them.
02: Have someone wash the dishes.
Cooking takes work, we don’t ask someone to do the shopping, or to do the pre-preparation, we don’t ask them to peel, bone or open a puff pastry, but hey, someone who does the dishes already helps, right?
03: Having someone to cook for us.
I don’t think I need to explain it, but coming home exhausted and having a meal ready is very good. Receiving invitations to eat, made without fear because you work with food, is also great.
04: Traveling for work, trying things out (who wouldn’t?).
I think everyone has wanted to have a profession like traveling the world trying dishes. I still venture to claim that it is the best job in the world.
05: Have a “Closet” of condiments.
A door that you open in your kitchen and there is your collection of condiments, spices from many places. A room where you enter to think about what you are going to do (a thousand times better than looking at the refrigerator). And never again will your saffron in pistils or vanilla beans have to fight for space with broths in tablets among other horrors (that other people in the house buy).
06: Having several friends in different specialties.
We really like having friends in our area (in our case, desserts), sharing knowledge and experiences, but having friends from regional cuisines such as Italian, sommelier friends, among others, is very good too.
07: Weekends like normal mortals.
We share this with other professions.
08: The end of the orders: “Can you give me the recipe?”. Those people who ask just for asking.
No comments.
09: Let people stop thinking that we don’t like simple food.
We like coffee with milk, we like fried egg, we like hot mixed, we like beans and rice, we like simple juices… Stop gourmetizing!
10: Books, books, and books.

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