Those who love makeup know that the bathroom doesn’t have enough space for all their products, don’t they?

penteadeiras-decoracao-danielle-noce-0 Photo – Melanie Wood-Vasquez

The dressing tables are great options for those who are full of lipsticks, eyeshadow palettes and many other accessories! And anyone who thinks it is a very old, large and outdated piece of furniture is mistaken. There are several models for you to get inspired:

Small spaces

penteadeiras-decoracao-danielle-noce-1 Foto 1 – Decor Fácil / Foto 2 – Glamorista / Foto 3 – Bad0 Blog

Do you need the furniture to fit in the corner of your room? Look how many cool ideas! Use each available space. I loved this first room, super small and yet with classic elements of a dressing table: dressing room light, drawers, mirror … The suspended furniture is a great tip!
In addition to the drawers, it is always good to make the most of the walls. Shelves and hooks are super useful and save a lot of space!


penteadeiras-decoracao-danielle-noce-2 Photo 1 – Garbage Zebra / Photo 2 – Easy Decoration / Photo 3 – Casa de Valentina

Models with a vintage touch need a good mirror, that detail makes all the difference! Now the furniture can be both more rounded, in princess style, and with straighter lines, very modern.
Other points are also very important, such as the chair cover, the handles and the color of the furniture!


penteadeiras-decoracao-danielle-noce-3 Foto 1 – Vaidosa e Feminina / Foto 2 – Pinterest / Foto 3 – Pretty Stuff

Drawers, niches, wooden plugs, glass, trays … There are a multitude of options when it comes to organizing your workbench, but there is certainly one that will make your life easier. The wooden model, for example, is great for those who share space in desk and dressing table!
Who has a bigger environment and wants practicality when putting on makeup, nothing better than making everything apparent! Transparent jars and a glass table are super practical – and much easier to clean.
So, do you already have your favorite model?

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