Drink whey With this drink you will lose weight!

Drink whey With this drink you will lose weight!

Whey was already considered a miracle cure for health in antiquity and is back in fashion. The watery cheese milk will even help you lose weight!

It is said that the most beautiful woman of antiquity, Queen Cleopatra, bathed in whey to enhance her beauty. The drink was also known in the Roman Empire. The Romans valued whey as a means to stimulate the digestion after a large feast and to do something against the hangover from red wine.

Whey has been forgotten a bit, but sports enthusiasts and health-conscious people have rediscovered it and, last but not least, appreciate the possibilities of whey to help you lose weight.

Whey is a by-product of cheese making

At first glance, whey doesn’t look particularly appetizing. It’s no wonder, after all, it’s actually a waste product. There are two types of whey: Sweet whey is produced in the production of cheese, sour whey in the production of cream cheese and quark.

Pure whey is a watery liquid that spoils within two hours without cooling and does not taste good. That is why you usually get whey as a powder or ready-mixed as a whey drink. Additional ingredients give it a better taste and added vitamins absorb for a plus in health.

You can also obtain pure whey yourself with the help of a cloth of yoghurt. However, the effort is hardly worth it, is time-consuming and the result is more suitable for external use on the skin and is less suitable for drinking.

Why does whey help you lose weight?

Whey is very low in fat and calories. Everything that could make you fat about normal milk has, so to speak, passed into the cheese. On the other hand, a whole range of minerals and track elements remain in the whey:

  • Potassium regulates the body’s acid balance

  • Calcium ensures stable bones

  • Iron stimulates blood formation

  • Trace elements fulfill all kinds of important functions in the organism

  • B vitamins are needed for the nerve cells, they also control the energy metabolism

  • Iodine is processed into hormones in the thyroid gland

Whey also contains a lot of protein. The proteins help you build new muscles and thus new cells that can burn body fat. Therefore, whey is just as suitable for weight loss as it is for muscle building training.

Drinking whey also strengthens your immune system and has a beneficial effect on high blood pressure. And old Cleopatra was right too when she wanted to improve her complexion with whey. Nails and hair benefit from regular consumption of whey.dd

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Can everyone drink whey?

The health factor of whey is beyond doubt. If you want to benefit from it, you should be able to tolerate milk protein and not be intolerant to lactose.

Whey also fits perfectly into your daily nutrition plan:

  • In its pure form it can be drunk as a thirst quencher

  • To be enjoyed in drinks, for example with fruit juice.

  • As an ingredient in yoghurt and quark dishes

  • In sauces and soups for that certain something.

In any case, keep in mind that whey doesn’t keep for long. Once you have mixed the powder, you should use it up quickly and keep it refrigerated until then. A beauty treatment made from whey is ideal for external use. To do this, you mix a mask with whey, use it to wash your hair or add it to your bath water. You will see that your skin and hair become silky and radiant.

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