Drosophila and CointreauDrosophila and Cointreau

Drosophila and CointreauDrosophila and Cointreau

Dro, as it is called by the most intimate, is one of the most stylish bars in São Paulo. Every time I stop by, I comment with Paulo, my husband: “If this place were in Berlin or Paris, everyone would freak out and keep commenting on how amazing he is, taking millions of photos and everything”.
drosophila 1
drosophila 7
Of course, this also happens here in Brazil, because Drosophila is absurdly kitsch and all worked out in the smallest details by its owner, Lilian, who with each new trip brings some more bibelô to hang and exhibit in the Dro.
drosophila 2 drosophila 4 drosophila 6
Lilian loves everything that is different and brings curiosity, and because of this love and affection for her bar, I had already recorded an ICKFD SP over there. That was when I learned to make a delicious oriental drink with Roger, his bartender.
Today I went to dinner at Dro and was surprised by the lively menu, each dish is described in the most creative way possible, which can leave you and your friends commenting for hours and making fun of those descriptions.
cointreau menu
drosophila hiding place huramaki drosophila
For the starter, I ordered a delicious Harumaki Lá De Cima, amazing, is a spring roll of shrimp stew made with palm oil. Imagine how good it was, I could eat another 10 right now kkkkkk.
For the main course, I asked for a dry meat hideout that was impeccable and the famous petit gâteau for dessert, but I swear I was drooling on the ovomaltine pudding, but I ended up falling for the classic.
Shepherd's pie
drosophila brownie
To drink, cheer up and share with your friends nothing better than a Cointreau Fizz, which is super light and refreshing. I’m just in love with this drink.
cointreau fizz
Still at Dro, I was enchanted with the work of Patrícia Bruniera, who was on display at the bar and ended up leaving with two beautiful photographs of her.
drosophila 8
Ahhhh and don’t forget to get to know Drosophila before they move, which will happen soon. Even between the 21st and 26th of July Lilian will make a boot out of another world at the bar and nobody can miss it, there is every wonderful thing, I will be there on the 21st for sure to collect some things for my shelf; D
drosophila 5
And one more tip, don’t forget to stop by the store next to Dro before going home, Liloluxo, you will love the dishes that are there.
Kisses a thousand and until the next tip Cointreau; D
Drosophila and CointreauDrosophila and Cointreau

PHOTOS: PAULO CUENCA – Instagram: @paulocuenca

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