Du Pain et des Idées – Paris

Du Pain et des Idées - Paris

Du Pain et Des Idées is my favorite bakery in Paris and I should have made a post about it soooo long ago. But as in all the places that go a lot, I ended up forgetting.
I have even posted countless photos of the pastries and breads bought there on my Instagram or ICKFD, but I need to tell you why this bakery is so special.
Christophe Vasseur, the owner and baker of Du Pain, has worked for years in the fashion world. He was super successful in his career, but decided to drop everything to make bread. It was then that he decided to become an apprentice baker and learn the profession from JP Mathon, one of, or the best, baker in France. He spent some years working with Mr. Mathon and looking for a property to open his bakery. That was when he finally found an old family bakery in the 10th arrondissement. He bought the place and opened his bakery in 2002.
In 2008 he won the award for best baker in Paris.
The queue at Du Pain’s door is constant. The products are made all the time and the bakery closes at 8 pm, so at 7:30 pm it is practically impossible to find anything to buy.
The ideal time to stop by is around 5 pm, when a warm batch of bread and croissants of the most varied types is coming out.
du pain et des idees1My favorite and undisputed puff pastry is Chausson aux Pommes, a vienoisserie filled with fresh apples. There is no way out of there with at least two of these.
du pain et des idees2So, here’s the tip for anyone walking around the Canal Saint Martin.
Du Pain et Des Idées – http://dupainetdesidees.com/

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