Dumpling: the cookie you need to taste in Asia

Dumpling: the cookie you need to taste in Asia

If you search for dumplings on the internet, you will find one of the first influences of what we know here, today, as pastry! This food traditional asian it is very curious and ends up becoming a mandatory meal for anyone visiting any country in Asia.
It is very common in parties and celebrations, mainly during the Chinese New Year, but there are several restaurants that always serve this wonder regardless of the occasion. Are you curious to know more? So get to know a little about Asian dumplings and our experience while we were in Taiwan.


The dumplings are very traditional balls from China made from a totally unique mass and fragile. The base of these delicacies is usually made from flour or potatoes and the filling can be almost anything you can imagine. The preparation is very delicate and the folds of the dough is what makes dumpling so special.
The ways of making food are diverse, but in general they are Pastries boiled, fried or baked, which can be meat, fish, vegetables and even in the sweet version?
There are different types like the Good it’s the Dim Sum, who have distinctions in relation to the preparation, but not dumplings. In Taiwan, we taste the Xiao Long Bao, another type that integrates the category of “Soup Dumplings” and has the proposal of encapsulate soup. That’s right, the idea of ​​filling the muffin with a soup is to cause an effect of explosion in the mouth and mix the flavors in a delicious combination of pasta and soup.


AN source From dumplings can be a little mysterious, and there are several legends for this way of making pastels. One of theories is that this recipe was created by the chef of a Chinese emperor, based on his desire to compile the various foods of his empire. The cook put together the idea of ​​some dishes and prepared a kind of tasting menu, filling small bundles of a thin pastry with a little bit of each selected dish.
And this is a great way to define dumplings, after all, they can be made in different ways and with any flavor. And the experience of tasting these wonders is really unique, the cookies seem to have been made with the greatest calm and dedication in the world to make it as delicate as possible.
Another theory that is very unusual is that the recipe was inspired by a doctor who used the dough as a “bag” to put herbs medicinal and meats to cure patients’ illnesses. After a while, they realized that this mixture would be a great food. Which one is the most likely?



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On our trip to Russia, Paulo and I had already tried a type of dumpling, and in Taiwan we decided to go to a super special place to try their version. THE From Tai Fung is a chain of restaurants, with more than 100 units, which was considered one of the 10 best in the world according to New York Times. They even won a star Michelin, and this very important award came from the famous “soup dumplings”That they serve in the restaurant. Unfortunately I couldn’t taste this famous version because the soup is made with beef, but there are several options with vegetables in case you have this restriction like me ?
We were not in the original unit, but in the one located in 101 Taipei, one of the largest buildings in the country. The place has a very good service and they even teach you how to eat the soup. As much as it is fun to pop the ball in the mouth, the broth can be very hot and cause you burns. Therefore, the recommended way is to place the Xiao Long Bao in the spoon and spread the dough to let out the hot steam and cool the soup. Take too much caution with that part!

There, Paulo ate the pork with truffles and he just fell in love with the combination, not least because soup is his favorite dish.
And if you think you stopped there, we still enjoy a dessert at From Tai Fung, which could not be anything other than: dumpling of chocolate. Mixing the delicate dough with chocolate kind of bitter it was to close our passage through the restaurant with a flourish. Who goes to Taiwan you can’t leave the restaurant out of the script!
He was curious to know more about these dumplings? Check out our vlog experimenting in Taiwan:

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