Dunkin’Donuts in Brazil

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Donuts lovers get ready. In the coming years, the American chain of coffee shops Dunkin ‘Donuts will (re) install in Brazil with a forecast of, babem, 150 stores across the country. The last time he was here was in São Paulo, when it closed in 2005. Anyone who likes the fluffy, tasty and filling / topping donuts, just wait for the launch to leave with a box of Donuts in their hands. According to Jeremy Vitaro, the brand’s vice president of international development, the first unit is due to open next semester (the interview appeared in the Wall Street Journal).
Dunkin 'Donuts-interbrand-ickfdmall-of-sofia-dunkin-donutssources: Interbrand / Mall of Sofia
We know how Americans like sweets full of dyes and sugar, but Vitaro says that, for Brazil, the idea is to develop flavors with typical ingredients here. What would you think of a donut covered with açaí cream?
By the way, what is your favorite donut flavor? Here you can find varied donut recipes. Come; D
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