Earthy Tones In Décor!

Earthy Tones In Décor!

The earth tones were, without a doubt, one of the most talked about tones of the year. However, this success will not end in 2018. It seems that this trend will also continue next year. The 2019 color chosen by Sherwin William, for example, was the Cave, which is part of the range of Terracotta.
If you like warmer colors and have that footprint more connected to the earth, bet on them without fear – both in clothes and in the decor. For now, I focused on listing some inspirations for decoration. You can be sure that your home will look super cozy ?

Earthy Tones In Décor!

Photo: Marqet Group

As I always tell you, colors can be used in different ways. In more extreme cases, an entire wall can take on a new hue. For the more discreet, a simple decorative object makes all the difference. So, let’s go for the suggestions?

On the walls

If your goal is to bring the walls to life in a delicate way, paint only a strategic part of it. An example, for example, is to leave only the bottom part of it colored. Be sure to take a look at the post with different ways to paint the walls to get other ideas. Remember that the way you use colors can completely change the perception of the environment!

If you are not such a discreet person, there is nothing to stop you from painting an entire wall in an earthy tone. The end result will be a slightly darker environment, but with that face of cozy and warm space, you know?
To complete the decoration, abuse wooden furniture and other decorative items a little more rustic, such as ceramic vases and decorative stones. Small plants also serve to make the place more cheerful, in addition to having a natural green element in contrast to the earthy walls.


In addition to using the warmer tones on the walls, they are also very welcome in decorative objects. The orange tones are perfect for vases, as I mentioned earlier. Sideboards and desks can also give a different touch to the décor, especially when they appear with a more closed copper tone and without much shine, almost like rust.
Sofas and pillows are another way to bring color to the decor. It’s cool to even mix with other tones, also looking for some contrasts with more neutral tones. If you like tribal prints, they also go well with earthy colors!

For the rooms

Earthy Tones In Décor!

Photos: Bree Long via Pinterest and @inbedstore

Rooms are always one of the most pleasant environments in the house, since it is one of the spaces in which we feel most comfortable. To further enhance this feeling, how about using shades like terracotta on the walls or in the decor?
In that case, a simple quilt change makes all the difference. It may not seem like it, but the fabric we use to cover our beds has the power to transform the environment. Caramel tones are interesting to complement the decor and give a variety of colors.
What do you think of that color? In my opinion, it has the power to leave any space with a more welcoming atmosphere!

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