Easily and quickly Fresh pasta from the refrigerated shelf: this is how you cook it properly!

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If you come home late and don’t feel like investing a lot of time in cooking, pasta from the refrigerated shelf is a good solution. Practical: There is not much to consider when preparing it.

Noodles are the all-purpose weapon when you need something to eat quickly. It’s even faster with fresh pasta from the refrigerated shelf. In the classic method, this is boiled in salted water.

It is important that the amount of water is in the right proportion to the pasta. For 500 grams of fresh pasta, it is best to use two liters of water, according to the magazine “Lebensmittel Praxis” (issue 14/17). As soon as the noodles float on the water surface after a few minutes, they are ready.

Alternatively, you can sauté the fresh pasta in a pan with a little oil and deglaze with a dash of water. To refine, they are then tossed in sage butter or olive oil.

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