Easter table

Easter table 1

Now you have no excuse for not setting up a beautiful table this Easter! In addition to giving tips on the best eggs and making several delicious recipes, I decided to show you some tables decorated for this super special – and delicious date. I’m sure you will be inspired!

easter-tables-decoration-ideas-inspiration-danielle-noce-1 Photo – Blog do Math

I was completely crazy about this decoration! In addition to being super delicate, the color palette made everything more chic. Math has great taste, right? Every corner you look at, discover a new ornament!
Details such as the decorated eggs in the pots, bunnies everywhere, cute pictures and fine china make all the difference in the final result. The full post is on his website!

easter-tables-decoration-ideas-inspiration-danielle-noce-2 Photo – Emily Henderson Style

Betting on decorated eggs is also a great idea for a decoration like this! Choose a beautiful color palette, super delicate crockery and decorate your eggs according to the defined style.
The table is super charming and very special for Sunday lunch, isn’t it?

easter-tables-decoration-ideas-inspiration-danielle-noce-3 Photo – Waiting for Martha

Those who receive a lot of people at home know that it is difficult to decorate the table, as there are many plates, cutlery and glasses. The best option is to invest in a support table (or sideboard). That way, you can play with the decor without fear of “disturbing” the meal.
Spreading eggs in cups and bowls or hanging fabric ornaments are some of the coolest tips for this type of table ?

easter-tables-decoration-ideas-inspiration-danielle-noce-6 Photo – DIY Decorator

No time to buy specific ornaments or decorate eggs? Your decor can remain super special! A simple colored or printed paper can be your best ally.
Cut out eggs or bunnies to place on napkins or spread on the table. Just make a mold and ask for help for those who are at home, in the best style Do It Yourself / Do It Yourself.

easter-tables-decoration-ideas-inspiration-danielle-noce-7 Photo – Kelly Mindell

Whoever wants to create a festive atmosphere and cheer the kids can bet on the decorated balloons! It’s super simple to do and I’m sure that everyone can help to fill and paint the bladders around the house.
In fact, balloons are always good options for those who are out of time and want to leave the house super decorated without a lot of work!

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