Eat beautiful foods for the perfect complexion!

Eat beautiful foods for the perfect complexion!

The complexion of the skin can not only be improved with external care. A healthy and balanced diet also has a positive effect on the complexion. Some foods are particularly valuable beauty helpers. We’ll tell you what should end up in your basket the next time you shop.

Carrots according to popular belief, the Strengthen eyesight, but are above all a real wonder vegetable for the skin. The beta carotene helps with this Protection against the negative consequences of solar radiation. In addition, the active ingredients in the healthy beet keep the Aging of the skin on. They also have a regenerating effect Antioxidants in the artichoke out. It is not for nothing that the active ingredients of the medicinal plant are often found in cosmetic articles. Your leaves also promote digestion and help remove cholesterol and lipids. That also ensures a finer complexion.

Antioxidants are the magic word in the culinary fight against wrinkles and impurities. A high Protection against free radicals have, too Berry. In which fruit the motto is: The darker the better. More often a glass elderberry juice is particularly good for the complexion. By the way, sour berries also provide a lot vitamin Cwhat the The elasticity of the skin is improved. Delicious health makers with loads of antioxidants are also available Pomegranates and blueberries.

Food for health

People with impure skin should be more frequent lenses put on their menu. The legumes contain a lot zincthat aids in the regeneration of skin tissue. You can add a pinch to the lentil dish turmeric give. The sun-yellow spice is considered an effective home remedy for acne.

There is also a lot of zinc in it Walnutsn, which is also a valuable supplier of Calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium and vitamin B5 also known as pantothenic acid are. The latter is considered a real miracle weapon, which is also for smooth and pure skin cares. Against bad skin can also Red meat help, preferably from organic farming. The included Lipoic acid promotes the formation of collagen.

Good fat

You can use a spoon more often for health when eating Wheat germ Pour over the muesli. The Ceramides in the grain protect the skin from drying out. Avocados As a beauty food, of course, must not be missing. Vitamins A and E. benefit the skin, Biotin strengthens fingernails and hair. The fat in the fruit is just as healthy as that Omega-3 fatty acidsthat are roughly in Sardines stuck.

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