Eat beautifully The 5 best superfoods for the skin

Eat beautifully The 5 best superfoods for the skin

Does your skin look pale, dry and tired? Then grab your shopping bag and go to the supermarket! Because from today we will pimp our skin from within – with these delicious superfoods that Clarisonic Beauties have put together for us. For a radiant complexion, tighter contours and a happy reflection.

1. Nuts

They are wonderfully practical: nuts in all colors and shapes fit in every handbag and can be easily nibbled on the side. You should do that too, because they are our anti-aging snack and act as little helpers to take care of cell renewal. Because nuts contain biotin, folic acid and a lot of vitamin E. How about a juicy beef salad with nuts soon?

2. Pumpernickel

Is there a superfood that really fills you up? But of course: delicious, hearty Pumpernickel. Its B vitamins and minerals such as potassium, selenium and magnesium make the skin glow. If you combine a piece of pumpernickel with avocado, you get the full load of good for the skin.

3. Avocado

The green miracle fruit is not only a hit as a face mask. Enjoyed neat, it protects our cells against damage from free radicals with the help of antioxidants. In addition, there is a fat portion of carotenoids, biotin, vitamins A, C and E, which stimulate cell renewal, keep the skin supple and protect it from UV rays. What more do you want?


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4. Kiwis and oranges

They glow green and orange and supply our skin with plenty of vitamin C. And it urgently needs that, because small wounds and scratches heal better if the body has enough vitamin C reserves. So get to the kiwis and oranges.

5. sunflower oil

The classic in the kitchen has been somewhat forgotten along with all the exotic variants. Completely wrong in our opinion. Because the golden yellow miracle product is not only good for the skin from the outside as a facial oil, but also works from the inside: Because vitamin E and linoleic acid ensure firm skin.

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