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Days like today are the best: those when we leave home to meet someone who has been part of our life in some way but who has never formally met. Ta and I are working partners here at ICKFD and we always talk but we have never met in person. She lives in France and I live in NY. We are Brazilian and foodies by nature. She understands everything about wines and I understand sweets. And today was the day to bring the virtual world to the real, with a memorable lunch in Manhattan.
We chose the Eataly market for this meeting, in the Flatiron District, on the 23rd and 5 Ave.
Eataly is a gourmet market chain with 27 branches around the world. Of course, almost half of them spread across beautiful Italy and others more in Japan, in San Francisco, Dubai, Istanbul and soon with opening scheduled for November 2014 also in São Paulo. (yay! yay!)
Eataly’s motto is simple and direct – “life is too short to not eat and drink well” – and this is the perfect translation of the space in question. Eataly is a hodgepodge of market and restaurants gathered under one roof. In this one in NY, if you don’t know it yet, you will be surprised at how small the entrance door is compared to the magnificent space inside. Here, apart from the 7 restaurants specializing in poultry and fish, vegetables, pasta, pizza and meat, you will also find a beautiful and varied hotifruti market, with high quality products and some even difficult to find in other markets in the city; a mozzarella bar, specific dry pasta sessions and a fresh pasta bar made ‘in loco’, a boulangerie, a thousand tomato sauces and olive oil session, a beautiful kitchen equipment store, a ‘salumeria’ in which you sit on high stools and enjoy a list of cheeses, appetizers and cold cuts accompanied by glasses of wine (excellent experience, by the way), a birreteria on the rooftop, with a retractable roof, turning into an amazing outdoor terrace on sunny days and warm nights. There you will find a beer list and a menu of sandwiches and salads that harmonize with them. A delight indeed!
Apart from everything that has already been described, it still has a café bar, a chocolate shop that sells truffles, an entire session of Italian chocolates, a gelateria, a pastries shop and mini desserts that are cute and, calm, breathe: a Bar from NUTELLA !!! – with crepes, waffles and everything else you dream of filled with this chocolate hazelnut paste from the gods!
The few photos that illustrate this post do not live up to how diverse and interesting this market is. A must visit for those who enjoy the world of gastronomy and are passing through NY.
Downside – like any other cool spot in this city, it is always full and the master tip is to be patient and make a reservation if you want to sit down and enjoy some delicacy prepared in the restaurants here.
Ta and I didn’t make a reservation, but it was not difficult to find a place in the fish and seafood restaurant, right on the counter looking at the cooks at work… which for both of us was a must!
eataly-fer-flaiban-ickfd4eataly-fer-flaiban-ickfd2I ordered the fish of the day – in the case of Flouder, a fish with a very delicate flavor and usually prepared grilled or roasted. Mine was perfectly grilled and came with a mix of nuts and ruddy potatoes. It was a spectacle!
Ta ordered a fish risotto made with Barbaresco wine. Super exciting for me, because risotto recipes prepared with red wine are not part of my menu … lol.
After our ‘savory’ experience, of course we strolled through the market, unraveling every corner, every specialty. Before leaving, we stopped in the line – constant but efficient – at the gelateria. My order was milk and coconut gelatto. Indescribably creamy. Perfect for what came right after: a delicious conversation, sitting in the small square, watching the people around, each one in his routine and listening to the beautiful stories of this delicate, intelligent, charismatic and full of smiles girl that Talitta is. I hope that soon we will meet again, dear!
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