Eaten too much Full stomach after Christmas? These tips are guaranteed to help!

Eaten too much Full stomach after Christmas?  These tips are guaranteed to help!

Christmas cookies, roast goose and punch – hardly anyone can resist. When the stomach is full, it is important to stimulate digestion and keep it going.

Eaten too much – that relieves the burden on a full stomach

Christmas is the Celebration of Love. And that love also goes through the stomach is old hat. So what is served up on the holidays. Roast goose, duck breast, red cabbage and dumplings are the classics, plus a dessert, and of course the wine shouldn’t be missing. In the afternoon, cookies and punch lure you to the beautifully laid table. And suddenly you realize you have eaten too much: full stomach, feeling of pressure in the stomach, flatulence, the clothes pinch and you don’t feel well anymore.

Maybe all you want to do is get out in the air and walk around the block a few times. And indeed, there are great tips on how to stimulate digestion after a feast and give relief to your overly full stomach. Try these methods if you feel like you’ve eaten too much:

1. Green tea

Green tea is almost a miracle elixir. It boosts the metabolism and is ideal for avoiding extra pounds after the holidays. Due to the activated metabolism, you burn more calories even when you are resting, and the tea lowers your blood sugar level. In addition, green tea has valuable antioxidants that are considered cancer preventive and can apparently also delay Alzheimer’s and dementia.

2. water

Drink plenty of water – even during the holidays. Just remember: After an alcoholic drink, a glass of water is put on the table. Especially after Christmas and New Year’s Eve, you should make sure you have enough water on your diet, it stimulates digestion and flushes out toxins. Then it’s no drama if you ate too much during this time.

3. Eat slowly

If you want to avoid an overfilled stomach, eat slowly! Because the stomach only signals after 15 to 20 minutes that it is full. Fast eaters have already eaten far too large quantities during this time. Gisela Olias from the German Institute for Nutritional Research in Potsdam therefore recommends enjoying your meal in peace and consciously paying attention to the feeling of satiety.

Couple in the restaurant

Eat too fast
Why you should take the time to eat

Stressful eating is unhealthy. A Japanese study shows that eating too quickly can cause a number of health problems.

4. Walk in the fresh air

Yes, a walk after a plentiful meal is actually a miracle weapon against a full stomach and it also stimulates your digestion. This is due to the movement that continues into the gastrointestinal tract. The blood flow to the digestive organs is also improved. You prefer to refrain from exercising in the first two hours after a meal, as this would in turn overwhelm your digestion.

5. Herbal brandy? no thanks

Schnapps have the reputation of stimulating digestion when you have eaten too much, but the truth is exactly the opposite happens: Bitters or fruit brandies even ensure that the food lingers longer in the stomach. Because the organism first digests alcohol. In addition, alcohol and fatty food loosen the sphincter muscle in the upper stomach – heartburn can result. After the meal, choose espresso or herbal tea to complete the menu. Both stimulate digestion and support a full stomach in its work much better.

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