Eating by Color Lose Weight by Color? This is how the diet method works

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Everyone knows painting by numbers – and the diet principle of losing weight by color works just as similarly and simply. What is behind the method and what opinion experts have on the diet.

Sorting food by color in order to lose weight is a process in which food is sorted into different categories according to certain criteria. We’ll show you how this method works and how you can use it to lose weight.

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The color of food and its meaning

As the online news magazine “” reports, the principle is simple. Certain foods are assigned to four color categories. Proteins and fats are blue. Fruits, legumes, vegetables, and beans are green. Pink is assigned to starchy foods and food with a low nutrient content is red. This classification is based on the ideas from the diet book “Fat to Flat” by the Danish weight loss expert Janet Thomson, who has now developed a new approach with the color classification of foods.

This color classification is intended to ensure a balanced diet that works as follows:

  • You can eat three portions from the pink category every day

  • Red is taboo

  • A maximum of one serving of the blue foods per day

  • Eight servings a day should consist of green foods

Food from the green category can be, for example: fruit and vegetables, depending on your taste. But you shouldn’t eat dried fruits. Red foods that are not allowed to eat are alcohol and refined sugar. Pink foods include pasta, potatoes, and bread. Blue foods consist of fish, meat, nuts, and potatoes.

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This is what experts say about food choices by color

Choosing foods by color to lose weight can work, but it’s actually for a different . As nutrition expert Dagmar von Cramm told “”, the weight loss effect has more to do with the food pyramid than with the color category of the food.

It is well known that you should consume as little sugar and alcohol as possible in order to lose weight. You should also eat as many vegetables as possible in order to lose weight healthily.

Eating according to color, however, has the effect that you get a different self-image and eat more consciously. This in turn leads to weight loss, von Cramm continues.

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