Eating by the clock This habit will make your pounds melt away

Eating by the clock This habit will make your pounds melt away

You can eat what you want and still lose weight? That sounds too good to be true at first. However, a nutritional concept promises exactly that. We introduce you to the circadian diet.

The circadian diet is based on the so-called circadian rhythm. Scientists assume that the body is based on an innate internal clock that ticks in 24-hour cycles. There is an eight to ten hour dining window in it. Eating outside of this window can lead to obesity and metabolic disorders.

According to the online news magazine “”, however, many people eat and drink until shortly before bed, which corresponds to a significantly longer time window than is good for their biorhythm. This is what the chronobiologist Satchin Panda, who is a professor at the Salk Institute in San Diego, told the online newspaper “”.

Dinner should be eaten at least two to three hours before bedtime. Otherwise, the brain is confused because it is busy with active digestion, while at the same time it has to produce the sleep hormone melatonin due to the darkness.

Protein bar: What at first glance seems like the perfect post-workout snack can turn out to be a diet killer. Because although there are now many healthy protein bars, some are unfortunately also full of sugar and additives. The number of calories in the bars is skyrocketing, especially due to the added sugar, and the actual purpose, namely the protein intake, is missed by unnecessary calories.

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Granola: Many people mix this crunchy muesli into their normal breakfast, believing that it will do something good for their figure and their health. Unfortunately, this actually healthy breakfast snack can also turn out to be a calorie bomb with added sweetness. So make sure that the granola doesn’t contain too much sugar.

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Coconut water: Most people will be surprised that coconut water can make you fat. As is so often the case, however, it is the sugar that ensures the high number of calories in this drink. Of course, coconut water is still healthier than soda, but water or unsweetened teas are better alternatives.

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Sushi: Sushi always seems to be the low-calorie variant of conventional fast food in restaurants. However, sweet sauces or fried fish can quickly turn the dish into a calorie sin. If you want to lose weight, make sure that your sushi is filled with low-fat foods like salmon or avocado and that it is not doused with sweet sauce or fried.

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Fruit juices: Fruit is healthy, but you shouldn’t overdo it with the amount because it contains a lot of fructose. But that is exactly what happens with freshly squeezed juices: you use a lot more fruit for the juice than you would normally consume. This increases the fructose content of the drink extremely.

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Low-fat fruit yogurt: Low fat is good for the figure? In this case you unfortunately have to say: no. Because in many low-fat fruit yoghurts, a lot of sugar is added to enhance the fruit taste. If you don’t like natural yoghurt, just mix the fruit yoghurt yourself, you can sweeten it with a little honey or agave syrup.

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Ready-made salads: If you want to lose weight, you like to grab a salad. This is generally a good idea, but it can quickly backfire if the salad and dressing are bought ready-made. Sugary sauces, greasy sausages, there are a number of ingredients that are not exactly beneficial to the figure. So make the salad yourself.

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Smoothies and protein shakes: What is considered the drink of fitness lovers can unfortunately make you gain weight. Ready-made protein shakes and smoothies also often contain a lot of added sugar, which can boost your insulin levels and make you hungrier in the long run. Even with homemade smoothies, you should pay attention to a balance between fruit and vegetables so as not to drive up your blood sugar level with too much fructose in the morning.

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Diet lemonade: If you can’t do without lemonade but want to lose weight, you can use light products. However, these are suspected of causing type II diabetes and there are also indications that the blood sugar is increased by the products, which causes weight gain. The Study situation However, it is not very clear to this day, doctors tend to advise against light products.

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When we eat is more important than what we eat!

With the circadian diet, what we eat is less important than when we eat. By integrating the eight-hour eating window into your daily routine, you help your metabolism to work optimally. This is by nature designed to deal with meals in the morning and afternoon.

Panda tested the effect on mice. One group had access to high-sugar and high-fat foods around the clock. The other group received the same food in the same amount, but only in an eight-hour time window. The mice that were allowed to eat at any time of the day or night became sick and fat.

The other mice, who had to adhere to a time limit, did not have to struggle with obesity, fatty liver or metabolic disease. Panda has summarized his findings on the circadian rhythm and its influence on the body in his book “The Circadian Code”, which unfortunately has only been published in English so far.

Israeli scientists also found interesting information that supports Satchin Panda’s beliefs and how the circadian rhythm works.

Test subjects lost more weight

They came to the realization that adults can lose more weight and normalize their blood sugar levels by having a large breakfast, a small lunch, and a small dinner. The control group did it the other way around. This group’s scores were much worse.

Spanish scientists were also able to demonstrate the effect of the internal clock on weight loss. For a study that was published in the specialist magazine “Sciencedirekt”, they divided 200 overweight people into two groups. Both had to reduce their caloric intake over a period of three months. The group that has adapted to their biorhythm lost more weight and reduced the waist circumference to a greater extent than the comparison group.

You can find out here which home remedy reduces your belly fat!

apple on.jpg

Apple Cider Vinegar
This home remedy will reduce your belly fat

Are you looking for a remedy that helps with many problems and is also effective against excess weight and belly fat? Then you should use apple cider vinegar. We’ll show you what the vinegar you are guaranteed to have at home can do.

Circadian Diet and Intermittent Fasting: What’s the Difference?

In intermittent fasting, a phase of normal food intake is followed by phases in which one does not eat anything. There are several ways to conduct intermittent fasting. This can be done, for example, in the form of a day of fasting a week or in the form of daily fasting periods.

You fast for the set time frame and then return to normal habits. With the circadian diet, on the other hand, you keep to the eating window of eight to ten hours.

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