Eating Disorder Binge Eating Disorder: Causes

Eating Disorder Binge Eating Disorder: Causes

The causes of binge eating are complex. The triggers for the disease can be found in the social environment, in certain predispositions or an increased emotional sensitivity of those affected.

Compared to other eating disorders, there are few studies or research papers on binge eating. In most cases, a mixture of different causes is suspected for the condition.

Biological, social and psychological causes

According to the current state of knowledge, feelings such as anger, frustration, boredom or depression trigger a binge eating disorder. The causes for these feelings are in turn social compulsions: According to their own feelings, those affected do not manage to adapt to the performance or beauty requirements of society. Many binge eaters are perfectionists; the feeling of failure, or the panic about it, is turned into pleasant sensations by eating. Binge eating sufferers learn to eat as a problem-coping strategy.

Binge eating: responding to dissatisfaction

Other triggers of the illness include general dissatisfaction with one’s own physical appearance and the inability to distinguish hunger from other unpleasant feelings. A disease is usually preceded by various diets in which those affected have tried unsuccessfully to lose weight. Many suffer extremely from the socially widespread image of beauty.

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